A guide on how to eat properly and live a healthy life while controlling, reducing, and eliminating the symptoms of MS.

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Daryl H. Bryant Author

“I may not have been given a choice in the cards I was dealt, but I was certainly given the options in how to play them. I have elected to make certain that my MS does not rule my life. By making the right choices and changes every day, I have made sure that I am the one in control of my life.”

Daryl Bryant of Madison, was born on May 23, 1977 to two loving and fantastic parents. Daryl grew up with an older sister, and lived in a small rural New Jersey town, called Byram Township, for seventeen years. 

Daryl had a very active childhood and teenage years, loving sports and participating in football, basketball, karate, wrestling, and tap dancing to name a few. In addition, Daryl also enjoyed golf, Jiu-Jitsu, hunting, and more. Daryl always had a passion for his active lifestyle, whether it was  with a team or playing alone. Football was his greatest passion, and in high school his team made it to the state finals two years in a row. Despite losing in the finals his senior year, the team managed to make it to Giants Stadium for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After high school Daryl was accepted into Montclair State University. During his time at MSU, Daryl developed many close relationships and stayed active through his college years; additionally, Daryl was heavily involved with his college fraternity. In 2000, Daryl graduated with degrees in computer science and mathematics.

After college, Daryl was hired by a software company in New York City. The company developed a proprietary user-sensing technology that provided training and statistical analysis for large-scale corporate applications such as PeopleSoft, IBM, SAP, and Kraft. Starting as a solution developer, Daryl quickly advanced in responsibility, taking on managerial and technical sales responsibilities.

After only one year, Daryl was promoted to quality assurance manager and then to lead sales engineer. His main responsibility was to provide outside technical sales assistance to the sales team. In addition, he also prepared and delivered corporate presentations, technical demonstrations, and product training to an international audience of prospective and pre-existing clients.

During the burst of the Internet Bubble in 2002, Daryl left the NYC-based company and established Hudson Integrated, a digital web design, development, and marketing agency that provides innovative and quality services to businesses and corporations of all sizes. Over the last eight years, Hudson Integrated has transformed into a top-ranked company. Hudson Integrated has been ranked the number one Web development firm by a leading industry authority for two years and counting.  The agency has also been listed in the Crain’s New York BtoB Magazine Top Agency list. With the office headquartered in Morristown, NJ, Hudson Integrated has turned into a nationally recognized agency.

At Hudson Integrated, Daryl oversees the operations of the company, with his main focus on assuring that Hudson Integrated continues to expand and remains at the top. Since the Web industry is constantly changing, Daryl and the Hudson Integrated’ team must strive to keep the Web development agency ahead of the curve while continuing to produce innovative technology, and cutting edge services and solutions to customers. In addition, Daryl serves as a role model for his employees and aims to inspire his team through good work ethic, team-building events, and industry seminars.

Daryl firmly believes in giving back to the community and exemplifies this by volunteering and making financial and other contributions to a number of charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Westside Infant and Teen Parent Program, National MS Society, Montel Williams MS Foundation, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, and the American Red Cross.

Daryl was first diagnosed with MS during his time at the software company in NYC, but chose to deny his symptoms until shortly after beginning Hudson Integrated. The symptoms of MS could easily have stopped him in his tracks, but Daryl’s proactive role in his life and positive outlook prevented MS symptoms from taking over.

Today, Daryl is a happily married man to his wife Shannon who is a New Jersey family photographer, and father to his sons Jack and Henry. Daryl Bryant is an entrepreneur and a very active individual in his Madison, NJ community. He is living a happy, healthy and successful life with MS and would like to inspire his readers that they can do the same.

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About the Book

Are you or is someone who you love and care for living with Multiple Sclerosis? For people struggling to discover a happier, healthier way to live with this lifelong disease, it sometimes seems like an impossible task. Now, author Daryl H Bryant shares his own challenges, frustrations, anxiety, and ultimate victories in managing MS. His new book shares his stories as a person faced with the disease. Bryant is not a doctor, but a person living with Multiple Sclerosis.

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