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Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels -- 14.1 oz

Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels -- 14.1 oz
BioCore DPP IV supports digestion for those who are sensitive to gluten.Minimizes the discomfort experienced by those with this sensitivity. BioCore DPP IV is a proprietary formulation of proteases that provides standardized DPP IV activity. It aids in the breakdown of gluten oligopeptides that are resistant to digestion by action of gastric and pancreatic enzymes.When taken in conjunction with a gluten-restricted diet, BioCore DPP IV can help minimize the discomfort experienced by those who have difficulty digesting foods containing gluten. BioCore DPP IV also assists in breaking down a substantial amount of the gluten found in some common wheat-containing foods. NSI BioCore DPP IV Gluten Peptide Enzymes100 mg90 CapsulesRetail Price: $19.99Our Price: $7.89 Save 60%

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