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MitoQ 5mg - 3rd Generation CoQ10 Dietary Supplement - Caps 60 Triple Pack. 847 times more powerful than CoQ10

MitoQ 5mg - 3rd Generation CoQ10 Dietary Supplement - Caps 60 Triple Pack. 847 times more powerful than CoQ10
MitoQ's patented technology delivers powerful antioxidant support to mitochondria, the power source of your cells, restoring their vitality so they can fight the symptoms of ageing and support organ health. MitoQ is an exciting advance in CoQ10 antioxidant technology that has been extensively researched over the last decade. Over 50 million dollars has been spent understanding MitoQ's impact on a range of health conditions. Over 200 papers have been published in independent medical research journals around the world. Simply read our reviews or visit pubmed and search MitoQ to learn more. MitoQ delivers CoQ10 to the mitochondria 847 times more than any other CoQ10 formulation. It does so by harnessing a unique and patented delivery system that places a positive charge on CoQ10. This causes MitoQ to literally flood negatively charged mitochondria and deliver a meaningful payload of antioxidant inside the mitochondria. Mitochondria function decreases 10% per decade from our late thirties. Less mitochondrial function means less energy is available to your cells. As mitochondria malfunction they become the primary source of free radical production leading to cellular damage and potentially disease. MitoQ helps to correct mitochondrial function to deliver more energy to your cells and slow the long term damage associated with free radicals and oxidative stress. MitoQ is also considered to have significant potential as an anti-ageing compound because it reduces gradual free radical damage to cellular machinery, cell walls and DNA, slowing the ageing process. While MitoQ offers benefits for everyone, for optimal health and longevity it should be part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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