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By Daryl H. Bryant, Posted in Living with MS on July 18, 2013
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Strong Sources of Omega-3

Significant dietary changes for managing Multiple Sclerosis symptoms has helped a countless amount of MS patients live an overall healthier lifestyle. Among other supplements and altered eating habits, increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids has shown...(more)

By Daryl H. Bryant, Posted in Living with MS on June 27, 2013
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The Mediterranean Diet Promotes Heart Health

Many MS patients discovered that one of the secrets to controlling symptoms relies on eating healthy. In the last decade, numerous physicians have touted the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet for its health benefits and sustainability. Health care...(more)

By Daryl H. Bryant, Posted in Living with MS on September 14, 2012
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While the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis that you may be experiencing vary, episodes can last for days, weeks, and sometimes months. There are many ways to be proactive and make changes that can have a positive impact on the effect of the symptoms which...(more)