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3 MitoQ Success Stories

By Daryl H. Bryant (411 words)
Posted in MitoQ Articles on August 10, 2017

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3 MitoQ Success Stories

As you may know by now, MitoQ is an important tool for me in my fight to live symptom free with MS, but I’m not the only one. Here are 3 MitoQ success stories to help you decide if MitoQ is right for you.

MitoQ Helped Peggy Walk Better

Peggy was diagnosed with a neurological condition in 1988, and since then, she has periodically struggled with walking, despite working with a trainer to keep her muscles strong. But once Peggy started taking MitoQ, she “quickly noticed increase in energy and increased walking ability.” These results were further proven when she went off of MitoQ for a period of time and experienced increased fatigue and decreased strength and balance.  The changes were dramatic enough that her trainer commented on them, prompting Peggy to start taking MitoQ again, returning to her normal ability level.

MitoQ Helped Jo Have More Energy

Jo has a neurological condition that doesn’t have any treatment options, but she heard about MitoQ on a forum and figured it was worth the experiment. After a long series of trying multiple options, Jo was surprised to find that MitoQ actually helped. “MitoQ has the most positive effect on fatigue, and because of that, I had no hesitation recommending others to try it.”

MitoQ Helped Marvin’s Wife Live Again

Marvin is a healthcare provider in the US, and his wife has a neurological condition that causes extreme fatigue. After an elective surgery, she started declining rapidly. She went from walking on her own to walking with a cane, and then with a walker. Just when Marvin and his wife were sure that she would be in a wheelchair, he purchased a bottle of MitoQ, despite their uncertainty about the product because of its lofty claims. “Within 3 days of starting the MitoQ, her legs felt stronger. After a total of 4 days, she improved to the point where she can now walk without any assistive devices. Anyone who knows my wife knows she is NOT someone who can be influenced by a placebo effect.”

It can be scary to try new things, especially when it comes to your health. But if you have not taken the opportunity to try MitoQ, just do it. While these testimonials may not be typical and individual results may vary, it has already worked for people across the world who had given up on feeling better.


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