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4 Foods to Fight Inflammation

By Daryl H. Bryant (466 words)
Posted in Living with MS on August 24, 2012

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Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the myelinated sheaths of the brain’s neurons and the body’s nervous system, so MS patients can see excellent benefits from participating in an anti-inflammatory diet. As I mention in my book, MS – Living Symptom Free, I am not a medical professional but simply express what has worked for me personally, in hopes that it can work for you.

Many of the foods we eat today are highly inflammatory. Processed foods, refined starches, and added sugars are all foods that enhance inflammation within our bodies. I have learned throughout my battle with Multiple Sclerosis that my diet is one of the most important factors in me living symptom free. Below are 5 of my favorite foods that have been proven to fight inflammation, thus keeping myself and other MS patients, healthier for it.

1.)    Grass-Fed Beef

Much of the beef we eat today is from cows that are fed with hormones and filling starches in order to make them as plump as possible. This is great for the farmer’s bottom line, but not for our health. These cows and their fattening diets are filled with omega-6 which is a highly inflammatory nutrient. On the other hand, cows that are grass-fed are filled with vitamin E and omega-3 which are nutrients critical to an anti-inflammatory diet.

2.)    Cranberries

Many people know of the great amount of antioxidants in cranberries, but many not realize that studies have been shown that cranberries can halt the growth of many different types of tumors. These berries are packed with anti-inflammatory agents that allow MS patients and all others who eat these berries to live a healthier lifestyle. They can also assist in lowering bad cholesterol levels!

3.)    Canola Oil

Canola oil is packed with healthy, anti-inflammatory omega-3s that can help balance our body’s diet. With too much of the bad omega-6 and not enough of the beneficial omega-3, the body will begin to latch on to the harmful nutrient instead making the body more inflamed. Canola Oil is easily used within salads or as a complement to your sautéed veggies!

4.)    Broccoli

Broccoli, of course, is a healthy vegetable. Vegetables are extremely important for anyone’s diet, but broccoli is especially beneficial for MS patients and others with inflammatory diseases because of the kaempferol contained in it. This flavanoid has been linked to decreasing inflammation. Kaempferol can also be found in kale, green beans, leeks, and tea!

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