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4 Ways You Can Help Someone with MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (452 words)
Posted in Living with MS on January 4, 2017

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4 Ways You Can Help Someone with MS

You're a helper by nature and you want to support your friend or family member who has MS but But where exactly should you start? We've compiled a list of 4 ways you can help someone with MS. Most of them aren't even that difficult. Read on to learn how you can help the person in your life who has MS.

Get Educated.

MS is a complicated disease, and every person experiences it differently. Learning about MS can be overwhelming for someone who has recently been diagnosed and explaining about the disease can be tiresome to those who have been living with it for a while. Do your best to understand MS. Do your research so that you understand what your friend, or family member, is going through.

Be Patient.

MS may affect all aspects of a person's life. Not only does it cause physical symptoms, but it may also lead to mental and emotional symptoms because of the stress caused by dealing with MS symptoms. Your friend, or family member, may be overwhelmed or feel bad about themselves because of the challenges they are facing. Take the time to listen to their concerns. Most importantly, try to be patient and understanding if MS leads to cancelled plans or other challenges. Remember that your friend is doing the best he or she can to juggle life and the symptoms of MS.

Help Out.

You probably know what your friend needs. Maybe they can't drive right now or maybe they are having a hard time keeping the house clean or cooking. If you see a need and are in a position to do so, ask if you can help. Depending on your relationship, it may be appropriate to help first rather than asking for permission. Remember that a general offer of help is unlikely to be accepted. Instead, offer to do something specific like watch the kids on Thursday or pick up some groceries next week.

Forget MS.

A lot of people with MS feel like they lose their identity to the disease because the people around them see only their limitations. Keep involving your friend or family member in usual activities; just be willing to adapt as necessary. Don't do everything for him or her; it's important for your friend to feel confident in his or her ability to live life. While your support is helpful and in some cases, critical, respect boundaries and pride wherever possible.

If you are looking to help your friend or family member with MS, these 4 ways you can help someone with MS may help. Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below with your ideas for how to help someone with MS.

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