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5 Best Ways To Get Involved With the MS Community

By Daryl H. Bryant (470 words)
Posted in Living with MS on June 15, 2016

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5 Best Ways To Get Involved With the MS Community

Living with MS can be confusing and lonely - especially when you don’t know anyone else who has the disease. Thankfully the MS community is incredibly active, and probably closer than you realize. Read on to learn the 5 best ways to get involved with the MS community - so you can start developing friendships and finding support from those who truly understand.

Join MS Social Networks

Did you know that there are entire social networks dedicated to people who have MS? Seriously! Some of the most popular ones include MS Connection, MS World, and My MS Team. If you don’t want to join all new social networks, you can always search for MS communities on your current social networks. Google+, Facebook, and Reddit all have multiple active groups for people who have MS to share treatments, complaints, memes, and life’s joys.

Connect With Your Local MS Community

Sometimes you want to connect with real people, and that’s why you should find your local MS community. The National MS Foundation has listings for local support groups. These groups are a great way to meet other local people who struggle with MS and find out about the other places people with MS meet in your community.

Follow and Comment on MS Blogs

You’re already here, so I know you read MS blogs. A great way to get started connecting with others is to start following your favorite MS bloggers and commenting on articles you find inspiring or helpful. Other readers (and the author) can comment back and start a dialogue. You can also follow your favorite blogs on social media networks for even more social interaction. You can follow me on Facebook to get started!

Attend MS Events

You will likely find out about MS events if you attend a local support group, but you can also find information online. A great place to start is the National MS Foundation’s get involved page. There, you can find fundraising events, conferences, and other opportunities to attend events related to MS.

Put Yourself Out There

Sometimes you need to create your ideal community. With technology, it’s easy to start your own Facebook group or even your own blog. Put yourself out there, start writing and inviting people, and your community will grow.

So let’s get started! Comment below with why you want to get more involved with the MS community and what you’re going to do about it! Of course, feel free to reply to each other’s comments; this is a COMMUNITY after all.

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