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5 Paleo-Friendly Foods for Multiple Sclerosis

By Daryl H. Bryant (754 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 4, 2015

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5 Paleo-Friendly Foods for Multiple Sclerosis

If you’ve not heard about the Paleo Diet yet, keep reading! This diet – inspired by our late cavemen ancestors – removes sugars, dairy, and wheat gluten and encourages you to eat fresh greens, sweet fruits, lean meats, and protein-rich nuts like almonds.

This kind of diet can reduce symptom outbreaks in many patients. Some even maintain that their symptoms disappear completely as long as they stick to this diet. Whether you are ready to change your diet or not, these 5 staples of the Paleo Diet also make great snacks and meals for MS patients looking for healthy alternatives.


We all know this super green is amazing, and it is one Paleo-friendly food for Multiple Sclerosis that you can’t pass up. Kale has many health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory, rich in the Vitamin K that reduces the number of white blood cells attacking the nervous system.

Vitamin K also increases your brain power, giving you strong cognition and better memory, which can help reduce cognitive symptoms. The omega-3s in kale also benefit brain performance by keeping nerves and axons primed and ready for action. Just 1 cup of kale will give you your full serving of omega-3 and Vitamin K that will keep your symptoms at bay.


Salmon is another solid meal that can make for a Paleo-friendly lunch or dinner. The omega-3s in salmon will boost your brain power, and the rich content of Vitamins A and D help reduce brain stress and improve cognitive function. Salmon is also a rich source of protein, making it a perfect lunch for your busy workday. With its full serving of protein, you can fight off fatigue and boost your energy levels.

Because salmon is also rich in selenium, a powerful anti-oxidant necessary for a healthy metabolism, you’ll notice more long-term benefits on your energy. The more you eat salmon, the stronger your metabolism gets, meaning you’ll be able to burn and absorb all the nutrients you need to stave off fatigue and symptom outbreaks. If you’re looking for a delicious salmon recipe, check out my sweet take on Maple Salmon.


Lentils, like beans, are rich in fiber and protein, but they’re much easier to cook, making them one of my favorite Paleo-friendly foods. A full serving of lentils can stabilize your blood-sugar, which can help reduce fatigue. And because they are powerful anti-inflammatories, lentils will also reduce symptoms and stop them from coming back the more you eat them.

One serving of lentils comes with all the necessary potassium, magnesium, and calcium you need to keep your muscles strong and your metabolism stronger, giving you the power you need to get through your day.


Like almonds, walnuts are also rich in the fatty omega-3s we all need to reduce inflammation and maintain the health and performance of our brain and nervous system. Since MS directly attacks the nervous system, one serving of walnuts per day (either raw, toasted, or in a salad) can reduce your capacity for chronic inflammation in the nervous system, which will greatly reduce your symptoms.

The extra boost of fiber will give you that extra boost of energy. On top of that, a single serving of walnuts can improve the performance of your blood vessels and circulation, which can reduce numbness and encourage more movement with less discomfort.


Don’t shy away from these fish! Although many turn up their nose to sardines, those on the Paleo Diet know exactly how beneficial and surprisingly these delicious these salty snacks can be.

Squeeze a bit of lemon juice on them and lightly grill them for a fantastic treat that’s rich in protein, which will boost your immune system and give you the strength you need to stave off unwanted infections that can sometimes make symptoms worse.

They’re also the best source for your full serving of Vitamins D and B12, which boost bone, heart, and immune health. And, like all fish, they are packed full of omega-3s to reduce our inflammation.

What Paleo foods do you eat?

If you’re considering starting the Paleo Diet, these paleo-friendly foods for MS are a great place to start. Try replacing one meal per day with a paleo-friendly meal of your choice, like grilled salmon, or a powerfully sweet kale salad topped with walnuts and sweet raspberry vinaigrette. Each of these meals will do their part to reduce your symptoms so you can take your life back from MS and start living symptom free.

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