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5 Simple Ways to Deal with MS Memory Problems

By Daryl H. Bryant (446 words)
Posted in Living with MS on January 14, 2016

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5 Simple Ways to Deal with MS Memory Problems

You walk over to the computer to look something up, but once you get there, you can't remember what you needed. Do you struggle with memory problems? You're not alone. Many people with MS have a hard time remembering things. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to deal with MS memory problems.

These 5 simple ways to deal with MS memory problems include tips on how to improve your memory and how to live with memory problems. Read on to learn more so that you can stop forgetting.

Train Your Brain

You work out to keep your body strong, so why don't you work out to keep your mind strong? There are many brain-training apps, memory games and websites that will help you improve your memory in just minutes a day. Be sure to find one that will focus on your memory.

Drink More Juice

Research studies show that fruit juices can help boost your memory. Fruits like apples, blueberry, pomegranate, orange and grape are great for boosting your brain power.

Anchor Your Memories

When you want to remember something important, write it down and say it aloud. Come up with something that will remind you. For instance, say to yourself, "I will remember to call Sally when I enter the next room because I am holding this mug." The simple act of pausing and being deliberate in your effort to remember will increase your ability to recall information.

Use Numbers and Mnemonics

If you don't have a list for the grocery store, at least know how many items you need. Additionally, you can come up with a mnemonic to remember the list. For instance, if you need milk, eggs, celery, and tomato sauce, repeat the acronym MECT to yourself as you walk into the store. The first letter of each item will help you remember what you need.

Use Your Tools

It can take time to improve your memory, and even once it is better, you still may not trust yourself to remember things. That is okay. Use lists. Set up reminders on your phone or tablet. Keep a dry erase board on your refrigerator. Use a planner to stay on track. Even people without memory problems have safety nets. Don't feel bad if you have to use these tools while you work on improving your memory.

These 5 simple ways to deal with MS memory problems will keep you from forgetting things so often. What is your favorite tip for boosting your memory? Share in the comments below.

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