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Alzheimer’s Causing Protein May Be MS Fighter

By Daryl H. Bryant (285 words)
Posted in Living with MS on August 8, 2012

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Neurologist, Lawrence Steinman, M.D., and his team at Stanford University have come up with promising studies regarding MS through the study of what causes Alzheimer’s.

A-beta, or beta amyloid, is believed to be the main cause of Alzheimer’s Disease, but after research and testing by Dr. Steinman, A-Beta has shown signs of stopping nerve damage in mice that have an artificial form of MS. When injecting this protein into these mice, there were cases of the muscle paralysis in the mice being prevented and even reversed.

The study was published on August 1st in Science Translational Medicine. The team had hypothesized that the A-beta protein would enhance MS symptoms if it were injected outside of the brain. It turns out the team found opposite results.

One of the major reasons A-beta became useful was the placement of the protein. It is thought to be detrimental to neurons within the central nervous system, but benign within the blood stream. The mice were injected in the abdomen with this protein which then lessened the severity or even reversed the severity of the MS symptoms.

Injecting A-beta into the bloodstream did not cause any build up of the protein in the brain, thus suggesting that Alzheimer’s would not be developed if A-beta were injected. This is a promising development for MS patients everywhere. This is one step further to finding a cure for this autoimmune disease.

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Comments (3)

Hallie D posted on: August 12, 2012

My father died of AD at age 77, after sufferring for twenty years. My first symtom of MS began when I was in my mid-twenties. Today, thirty years later, my memory problems remind me or my dads early in his disease. Hmm, would I want to be injected with A-beta, which is believed to be the main cause of the mind-robbing disease that slowly killed my father? I think i'll need to see a lot more research first.

Monica posted on: August 14, 2012

An artificial form of MS? And you would inject something that causes something that is just as bad. We are already loosing some brain function. I do not think I want anyone injecting anything into my brain....Not just yet. you have a long way to go. Somehow it just seems trading a bad situation for a bad situation. What if its because its an artificial form of MS, what if that is the reason it works. I am sorry it just sounds like a very scary road at this point. thank you for your efforts to help people like me.

Daryl posted on: August 15, 2012

Hallie- I agree with the more research. So far A-beta into the bloodstream suggests it will not cause AD, but we will not know until more testing has been done.

Monica- Nothing is injected into the brain, but into the bloodstream. This different location gives A-beta the promise that it works differently in the bloodstream for MS than it does in the brain for AD.

Thank you both very much for your comments!!


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