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Benefits of MitoQ Supplement for Treating MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (365 words)
Posted in Living with MS on July 12, 2016

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Benefits of MitoQ Supplement for Treating MS

If you knew that a supplement could drastically improve your MS symptoms, would you take it? It turns out, that might not be a hypothetical question. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, the potential benefits of MitoQ supplement for treating MS cannot be denied. It’s worked for me, and it just might be what works for you too.

What Does MitoQ Do?

MitoQ actually helps the body repair and rebuild damaged neurons and nerves caused by the inflammation of MS. In a healthy body, mitochondria regulate cell energy, metabolism, and growth in the brain, heart, and liver. In those of us suffering from neurological diseases, the mitochondria prematurely attack the brain and break down cells, releasing waste into the bloodstream which causes further inflammation and damage.

When you take MitoQ, the antioxidants in the supplement adjust the behavior of the mitochondria and repair the inflamed areas in the brain. Over time, MitoQ will work with your own mitochondria to strengthen your immune system, helping your own body fight the disease and symptoms on its own.

What Are The Benefits of Taking MitoQ for MS?

When taking MitoQ for MS, you may experience lots of changes to your MS. Some people report being able to walk after spending time in a wheelchair; others see only minor improvements. Some of the most common benefits of MitoQ supplementation include:

  • increased energy levels

  • improved cognitive function (especially memory)

  • improved focus and attention span

  • improved coordination and balance

  • reduced pain and stiffness

  • improved mood

MitoQ is still being tested for the treatment of MS. It was originally used to treat other neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Because some members of the medical community believe MS is a mitochondrial disease, testing was started in order to determine whether or not MitoQ is an effective treatment for MS. The preliminary results are quite promising, and many people (myself included) have already started taking the supplement with great success.

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Comments (3)

Donna posted on: July 26, 2016

I have been taking MitoQ for 6 months now and doing amazing with it. It& 39;s eliminated my brain fog and has given me more energy. Thank you!

Anne Marie Peel posted on: July 26, 2016

What dosage of MitoQ should a person with MS take?

Daryl posted on: July 27, 2016

I personally take 5mg as suggested on the bottle but I spoke to the CEO personally and he said he recommends MS patients can take 10mg daily.

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