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Coping with Chronic Illness: 3 Tips for a Positive Life

By Daryl H. Bryant (315 words)
Posted in Living with MS on July 17, 2019

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Coping with Chronic Illness: 3 Tips for a Positive Life

There’s a strong link between mental health and chronic disease; that’s why positive thinking during illness is so important. These 3 tips for a positive life will help as you are coping with chronic illness.

Surround Yourself With A Solid Support Network

One of the most critical elements of staying positive after an MS diagnosis and while coping with chronic illness is having supportive people around you. Whether it’s family, friends, coworkers, or new people you’ve met through support groups, it’s imperative that you find supportive people who will help you stay positive when things get hard. You need these people so you have someone to talk to when you need a sounding board and to help when you really need a hand.

Take Time For Yourself

Coping with the emotional strain of MS can be difficult so you have to make time for the activities that make you happy. Whether you love to run, go shopping, binge watch your favorite show, or read, incorporate these things that bring you joy into your daily life. Schedule these activities and prioritize them equally with your work, family, and community obligations.

Shift Gears When You Feel Down

Just because you try to have a positive outlook doesn’t mean every day will be happy. The key to positive thinking during illness is having a plan in place for what you will do to find joy when coping with chronic illness brings you down. We’ve compiled a number of positive thinking tips before, but some of the most effective include listening to uplifting music, doing a physical activity, or spending time in nature. If you are feeling stressed, relaxation techniques such as visualization and guided meditation can make all the difference.

Regardless of what you do, positive thinking during illness can go a long way towards improving your quality of life. It may even help improve your symptoms.

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