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Four Quick MS-Friendly Juicing Recipes for MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (346 words)
Posted in Living with MS on November 4, 2015

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Four Quick MS-Friendly Juicing Recipes for MS

A great way to get your daily fix of fresh fruits and veggies, juices can keep you energized throughout the day and helps you absorb your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. if your mornings are crazy, you can easily prep your fruits and veggies at night and just pack them in small food containers so all you have to do in the morning is mix in the belnder.

Here are four juicing recipes that will have your body feeling wonderful.

Kale is King

Kale is a nutrition-dense vegetable that has many health benefits for MS patients. In one cup of kale (only 33 calories), you get 134% of your daily Vitamin C requirement and 133% of Vitamin A. It’s also anti-inflammatory and helps increase brain power.

Combine the kale with a half cup of green grapes, and you’re still under 100 calories with a boost of natural sugar (15g). Add a half cup of cucumber, and you’re good to go!

Spinach Ain’t no Slouch

Like kale, spinach helps fight inflammation, reduces toxins in your body, and is rich in 13 vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it’s one of the best foods to help fight MS fatigue, so be sure to add spinach to your diet.

Take one chopped cup of spinach. Add one small apple, chopped, two stalks chopped celery, and one piece of ginger about three quarters of an inch long, finely chopped.

Orange Pop!

Oranges are awesome and delicious fruits to get your daily fiber intake in to help reduce any bowel symptoms common with MS.

Get energized with this quick orange juice recipe. Use one cup of chopped kale (our trusty standby), one half chopped cucumber, and one cup of watermelon for a delicious, refreshing drink when added to one cup of chopped orange (without the peel). Sweet and yummy!

Makin’ It Shake

Have a morning when you want something that feels more filling in your mouth? No problem. You can turn any of the above recipes into a shake by adding unsweetened yogurt and a cup of ice to the recipe

Share your favorite juice recipe!

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