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How to Buy MS-Friendly Foods on a Budget

By Daryl H. Bryant (783 words)
Posted in Living with MS on November 5, 2014

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How to Buy MS-Friendly Foods on a Budget

If you’re suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, it is not necessary to stick to a strict dietary plan, but your eating habits could affect how your symptoms manifest and how frequently. Eating healthy is one of the easiest ways to keep your Multiple Sclerosis symptoms in check; however, healthy foods can get expensive, depending on what kind of diet you are on and where you shop.

Here’s what you can do to eat MS-Friendly foods and stick to your budget at the same time.

Buy Fruit When It’s In Season

Fresh fruit is on sale for a cheaper price when it’s in season, so stick to your budget and enjoy your pick of the produce section during certain months of the year. This winter, stock up on fresh grapefruits and clementines.

When spring comes around, oranges and strawberries offer up a great source of vitamin C and give your body the antioxidants it needs to fight off symptom outbreaks.

For year round fruits, enjoy a bunch of bananas. Usually inexpensive and always in season, it’s best to buy bananas a little green so that they will last longer on your counter top. They offer a great source of potassium to strengthen bones and maintain your energy levels, and with an affordable price that stays around .79/lb, they’ll work with any budget.

Opt for Frozen Veggies

If you’re really on a budget crunch but you want to get your daily veggie intake, choose bags of frozen broccoli or corn. While not the most ideal, frozen vegetables give you the same nutritional value as the fresh or canned alternatives.

You can purchase these in bulk without worrying about an expiration date, and with a preparation time of under 5 minutes, you can serve a meal without wasting too much energy. If you’re sticking to an organic diet, many grocery stores like Trader Joe’s will sell frozen organics.

Buy Big Meat

In order to get the necessary protein in your diet while sticking to your budget, opt to buy larger portions of meat from your local deli. Larger cuts are often sold at a cheaper price-per-pound than the smaller cuts, and you can simply freeze the pieces you aren’t going to eat right away and save them for later.

Bulking up on groceries is the best way to stick to your budget and keep your fridge stocked with healthy foods. Using these cuts of meat in a soup or crock-pot stew will keep your cooking time at a minimum and still give your body the necessary vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Spice Up Your Life

Just because you are managing your MS on a budget does not mean your meals have to be bland. Spice up your frozen veggies and your sale-price cuts of meat with healthy spices like ginger root and turmeric, which have health benefits for those with MS. While the former is sweeter and the latter is a bit on the spicy side, both of these herbs are anti-inflammatory, which will help reduce your symptoms. Cinnamon is also a great – and inexpensive – spice that will sweeten any dish while simultaneously building your immune system.

These common spices can be found at local pharmaceuticals like Walgreens and Rite-Aid, but don’t forget to check the cooking aisle in the Dollar Store. Many staple spices like cinnamon and turmeric can be found for $1 and add infinite flavor to your dinners.

Seek Out Store Specials

If you have a favorite place to shop, be sure to sign up for their member card and add yourself to their mailing list. Local chain grocery stores across the United States offer special discounts and coupons to members. It costs nothing to join, and you will be able to take advantage of many sale offers on different items.

With a membership, you can contact customer service and find out when the grocer receives their shipments. This way, if you are waiting for particular items, you’ll know when they’ll arrive and when they will be on sale.

Buying healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive

Enjoying MS-friendly foods on a budget means planning ahead. As you explore the deli counter and frozen food section of your grocery store, remember that the easiest way to stick to your budget is to stick to your grocery list. Make a list of necessary items you need to stock your kitchen and build your recipes before you leave the house. This way, you won’t spend money on superfluous food stuffs and you’ll be able to get in and out of the store quickly. This will help if you have low energy or are experiencing any discomfort on shopping day, and it will help you reduce costs and stick to your budget while you shop for healthy, MS-friendly foods.

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Thanks Daryl, great post :)

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