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Multiple Sclerosis: A Global Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Daryl H. Bryant (238 words)
Posted in Pay it Forward on July 12, 2012

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The United States has over 400,000 people with Multiple Sclerosis. This is the largest number of diagnosed patients of any country in the world.

There are also millions more people around the world living with Multiple Sclerosis (An estimated total of 2.5 million MS patients on around the globe). MS is a global disease and I believe we can use the international power we have as a group of MS patients to find a cure. Collaboration among MS patients alone, like on my Facebook page and other portals, give light to the sheer power that we have has a family. Can you imagine the potential for creating total MS awareness across the globe? Let’s make it happen. Let’s make MS a thing of the past!

Jack Osbourne, son of the famed British rock star Ozzy Osbourne, was recently diagnosed with MS. This has since put a brighter spotlight on MS due to his celebrity status. We all know Jack will fight this disease, just as we all do every day. I hope he can turn his diagnosis into something positive, not only for himself, but for the entire MS community with the access he has in spreading awareness.

Below is a very interesting infographic about MS and its existence throughout Europe:


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Tanny Bidwell posted on: July 24, 2012

What exactly qualifies a disease as an epidemic !?

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