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National MS Education and Awareness Month Recap

By Daryl H. Bryant (335 words)
Posted in Living with MS on March 29, 2013

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National MS Education and Awareness Month Recap

What is MS Awareness Month?

National MS Education and Awareness Month was started by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to raise awareness about the MS community and those living with the disease. This is possible by multiple sclerosis patients coming together to educate others and each other. The first campaign was started in 2003, and ten years later people across the country now recognize those living with multiple sclerosis. There are a countless number of ways to get involved with the MS community and offer support to patients. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is responsible for sponsoring multiple events which bring further attention the lifestyles of MS patients.

Making a Difference

It has been amazing to see the dedication and gratitude of those who attended events over the past month or donated to a family member, friend or colleague. Attend an upcoming event to communicate with others and gain knowledge about the multiple sclerosis community. Walk MS is a great example of how strong the bond between those living with MS and the individuals who care about them has become. Upon participating in Walk MS, any funds raised will aid the 7,000+ people living with MS in our communities. Walks in honor of multiple sclerosis started first started in 1988 and have since raised over $10 million dollars to support research to ultimately find a cure for MS.

Others have shown their interest towards multiple sclerosis by attempting to eat gluten free, switch up their workout routine or attend seminars to learn more. The individuals who desire to learn more about people living with MS play an important role in our ability to fight for a cure.

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