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Pay it Forward for MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (345 words)
Posted in Pay it Forward on September 8, 2011

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As an MS patient who has dealt with the good and bad, I think it's important to "pay it forward" to others who are battling the disease.  This is one of the main reasons I was inspired to write my MS book.  I wanted to take the lessons I've learned along my journey with MS, in hopes to help others through theirs.

"Paying it forward" is something I will always try to do in my life.  Just this past weekend I was up visiting my parents and I stopped over one of their neighbors to give a gentleman a copy of my book. Roger was diagnosed with MS and is currently operating a wheelchair due to the lack of mobility in his one leg. I hope my book inspires him, provides some guidance, and makes his journey with MS more manageable.

And just today I received an email from Cathy, who just completed her Patient Advocate Certification, talking to me about her intentions to "pay it forward" for others with MS.  As stated by Cathy, "I want to help others who find themselves in a health situation and need another person to advocate for them".  She then continued to say, "My ideal position would be helping people with Multiple Sclerosis.  After having MS for 25 years, I would like to help others with MS - to "pay it forward" for the care and guidance I once received from others."

Big kudos to Cathy for making it a focus of her life to "pay it forward" to other with MS, from the guidance she once received in her past.  For people out there who may be living with MS, or for others who may be looking for ways to "pay it forward", know that there are many out there who are in need of a little guidance to help them along their journey to make their life with MS more manageable.

Please continue to "pay it forward" to others who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis...

Comments (8)

KARIE BENSON posted on: September 10, 2011

Hi, what amazing story!
I have MS, forever. I was dx age 18, in 1985. then it stayed quiet, for a long time. I did not take any medicine for it. Because I was very young. "ABC" drug was new. 2009 my MS. has moved to progressive MS. Please continue, to talk and write. I was going to do the same, I was so young, to be dx with MS. Today people all ages can have, it. But back in 1985, was different.

Daryl posted on: September 23, 2011

Hi Karie, thank you for sharing your story! You're so right, so much has changed in the last 25+ years since you've been diagnosed. More people are being diagnosed than ever before, and from all ages. And there are more conventional medications than ever before. I'm confident one day there will be a cure for MS. Until then, live life the best you possibly can! I wish you much happiness and success!

Kathy Young posted on: November 5, 2011

Hey Daryl --

Great site - and congrats on the book. Looks like a winner. I look forward to reading it and reviewing it on my site. I'm always looking for affiliate partners as well, so I'll be back in touch. Great point on the "pay it forward" its so important in all facets of life, but none more so than in this fight we fight with MS everyday. Having gone through alot of the trials already, it's up to us to help ease the way for the newbies - and to help encourage the whole community. Together we can make a difference. Together we can find a cure. Together we can say FUMS!! :)

Congrats, Daryl. Nice job.

Lisa posted on: December 29, 2011

i will be purchasing this book. I am very interested in ways to "pay it forward" as well as figure out better ways to cope with my own MS. i was diagnosed in 1996 and am on my second marriage, my 1st husband didn'y like the added responsibility and "inconveniences" of having a wife w/ms, especially after the birth of our son in 2000. Now, I am re-married with another boy born in 2007 and my second husband seems to be struggling w/the very same issues. He seems to think i can pick and choose what I do and when. I understand it must be frustrating for him to have what sometimes equates to 3 people totally dependant on him but how is it that people understand until it becomes more of a reality? Why is it so hard to just LOVE and let go of the rest?

I do what I can and stay positive that MS won't get me down but it is difficult when it's bringing down the ones you love!

Karie Benson posted on: December 30, 2011

Hello again,
"paying it forward" I would like to say, I have been in phase, progressive ms now much of 2009-2010-much 2011. Recently started checking out, thoroughly what I was taking, as far as medicine. Come to find out 7 of my 16 pills were red flagged. Please go over your medication. Especially when you have, multiple doctor's., that are treating different problems. I ended up stopping most of them and weaned off the rest. Went from progressive ms, to nothing . I am Meaning no walker, or wheel chair at all. All my levels went back to normal. blood test show improvement every where, and just completed a new MRI. To see what had happen, will keep you posted. having ms since age of 18 and now I am 46. wow

Daryl posted on: January 3, 2012

@Lisa - Hi Lisa, it is definitely tough on family members who are there to support you. Keep at it and stay strong. Struggles such as these will on make you stronger and bring your family closer together.

@Karie - Karie that is so wonderful, it is scary how Western Medicine can be so dependent on finding the quick answers in prescription drugs. This is why healing for me is a combination of not just medication but also lifestyle, diet and exercise. I share all this information in my book, I wish you the best and remember to pay it forward.

Laurie (OneAverageWoman) posted on: February 12, 2012

As a Fellow MSer I recognize the importance of maintaining a Positive Attitude Managing {M}any {S}ymptoms.
I will use some vacation time during MS Week 3/12/12 - 3/18/12 to volunteer at the National MS Society, NYC Southern Chapter.

CarolynE posted on: February 12, 2012

-from IN. Like KARIE BENSON, I was dx in 1985 - I was 30 years old. I pretty much remember word for word what the Doc said. I suppose that I remember it so well, because it scared me so much. “Your testing shows that you have Multiple Sclerosis. It is a disease that does not have a cure and one that we do know much about. If you have other symptoms, you can make an appointment to see me. Not sure how much we will be able to help you, other than hopefully treat the symptom(s).” Thank God that that my insurance changed and I was able to get a new Doc. I have been her patient for 20+ years. It took a few years, but finally I learned to Laugh about my MS and have never stopped. The first time I laughed was when I stumbled and fell in front of a large group of people. The whole room went silent – then I started laughing and the whole room began to laugh. My way of paying it forward is letting others know that I will not let my MS get me down and they should not have to, either.

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