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Simple Life Hacks to Alleviate MS Symptoms

By Daryl H. Bryant (530 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 9, 2019

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Simple Life Hacks to Alleviate MS Symptoms

Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be challenging. The fatigue, brain fog, balance issues, and other symptoms can zap your energy, leaving little leftover for daily living duties. 

Everyone deserves to put their best foot forward every day. Fortunately, thanks to technology and some good old-fashioned ingenuity, there are many ways to conserve your energy when taking on everyday tasks. Here are three life hacks that can help alleviate MS symptoms and save your energy for something fun. 

Boost Your Brain 

Multiple Sclerosis affects cognitive abilities. Common mental symptoms include brain fog, depression, and memory issues. It can even affect one’s ability to stay organized. 

One simple way to address this is to play brain games. Whether it’s a brain training app, guided meditation, or a book filled with crossword puzzles or Sudoku, any activity that gets your brain’s gears turning can help. 

Another simple tactic is to stay organized by taking notes. Use a pen and notepad to jot down notes, tasks, and ideas. You can also use the notes app on your mobile phone, but physically writing information down tends to help us retain it longer. If it's important, write it down. 

Keep Your Cool

Summer’s sweltering heat can cause big challenges for someone living with MS. You can easily become overheated, leading to other health concerns if this happens. 

Start by drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily. It’s best to purchase a large water jug and sip at least one ounce per hour throughout the day. Another tip is to freeze hydrating fruit, such as grapes or watermelon, and munch on it throughout the day to stay cool. 

Although your first line of defense is to stay cool internally, don’t neglect your outer layers as well. Wear a hat to avoid direct sun, and wear loose clothing to avoid overheating. You can also purchase a cooling towel to use when you’ll be outdoors. You can also make your own cool packs by following this recipe

Dress for Success

Tiny buttons and intricate laces can make dressing with MS difficult and frustrating. Everyone deserves to look - and feel - their best. Thankfully, there are now many options available that can help you look great without much fuss. 

Start by using a towel-robe to dry off after showering. This simple tip can save you time and energy, and if you have mobility issues, can help you dry off without having to bend and stretch too much. Next, choose clothes that are sturdy, comfortable, and easy to put on or take off. Switch out intricate buttons for metal pearl snaps. Choose simple, loose-fitting outfits that will keep you both cool and comfortable during the day. And don’t neglect your feet! Opt for sturdy shoes that will support your steps, especially if you have difficulty walking or need a cane. 

While there may not be a cure for MS yet, there are ways to lighten the load. Don’t let another daily living task zap your energy and strength. With these simple hacks, plus proper diet and lifestyle changes, you can be on your way to overcoming your MS challenges and living symptom free!

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