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Stay Fit this Holiday Season – 5 Healthy Foods to Eat

By Daryl H. Bryant (527 words)
Posted in Living with MS on December 4, 2013

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Stay Fit this Holiday Season – 5 Healthy Foods to Eat

If you are like many people this time of year, you are already planning your holiday menus. If you aren’t playing host, you are worrying about how much weight you will gain just by looking at someone’s fabulously prepared feast. When you know what foods to include in your holiday meals, you can avoid not only weight gain, but negative consequences to your health.


The good news for everyone is that these Thanksgiving staples are actually good for you. The key to keeping your yams health-friendly is to eat them as close to their natural state as possible. Skip the piles of brown sugar and marshmallows this year. Yams are naturally sweet and full of good carbs, potassium and fiber. Consider chopping yams into bite-sized pieces and baking them in the oven instead of turning them into a sticky casserole.


Another holiday favorite, cranberries are pleasingly tart and full of flavor. Like yams, cranberries are best served in their natural state. Skip the canned heap of cranberry jelly this year and serve whole cranberries instead. Whole cranberries are packed with dietary fiber and are low in calories. Not only do they taste wonderful, but cranberries add festive color to your dining table.


Use cauliflower this year to make mash instead of white potatoes. Cauliflower is as nutritious as it is plain looking. Vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin C are all waiting inside that head of cauliflower. Break the vegetable into chunks, and boil it as you would potatoes. Put the cauliflower into a mixing bowl, add low-fat milk, salt and pepper to taste, and mash it all together. Your guests will hardly notice the difference, and you will be helping to protect their cardiovascular health.


Everyone wants something to nibble on while they are waiting for the turkey to emerge from the oven. Put a bowl of pecans out alongside your veggie tray. Pecans are a fantastic source of minerals like calcium, potassium and iron, and they are one of the best forms of natural energy that you can find. You can put your pecans in a pie, but you will have a positive impact on the health of you and your guests if you serve them raw.


Your guests are undoubtedly looking forward to sweet pies and desserts this holiday. While there is nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence during the holidays, some of your guests may be looking for healthier endings to their meals. A bowl of peeled tangerine slices is a great option. These super-fruits are full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Whether you are living with MS or are having guests at your table that are more health conscious than most, put some forethought into a healthier holiday season. With a few simple substitutions, you can make this holiday dinner a better one. From pecans to yams, you have a variety of food options that will help you and your guests stay healthy and avoid holiday weight gain. 

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