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Symptoms of MS in Men

By Daryl H. Bryant (379 words)
Posted in Living with MS on January 9, 2020

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Symptoms of MS in Men

Multiple Sclerosis is often (mistakenly) considered a condition that affects women. While it is true that women are three times more likely to be diagnosed with MS, men who are diagnosed tend to have more severe symptoms. 

It can be frustrating for men to navigate health symptoms and challenges, especially when it is difficult to find information about their condition. Everyone deserves to have access to the information they need to mitigate symptoms and live their best life. 

While living with MS can be challenging, it helps to understand the symptoms so that you can develop a treatment plan. Here are five symptoms of MS that typically affect men. 

Speech Problems

Multiple Sclerosis can damage nerves in the brain, causing a variety of speech problems. You may have problems with specific words, or your speech pattern may be interrupted with long pauses. Slurred speech is also common because the tongue and mouth muscles weaken. 


As the nerves in the brain and body become damaged, some people with MS experience tingling sensations or numbness. This is one of the earliest warning signs of the condition. 

Vision Problems 

Blurred vision and double vision are common symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This results from damage to the optic nerve, which can cause weak muscles. Fortunately, vision issues are usually short lived and will return to normal in a few weeks as a flare subsides.  


Because MS damages the myelin sheath and the nervous system, it most commonly affects movement. Intention tremors often occur when someone is attempting a specific movement, such as grasping for an item. It can be especially frustrating because it can make everyday activities extremely challenging. 

Decreased Sexual Function 

Many men are surprised to learn that erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of MS. This can be a secondary symptom caused by limited mobility or fatigue, or a result of damage to the central nervous system. 

If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor. Although there are no specific tests for MS, your doctor can assess your symptoms and check for other underlying conditions. 

If you are diagnosed with MS, there is hope! Many people are living symptom free thanks to proper medication, diet, and supplementation.  With the right treatment plan and a strong support team, you can live your best life. 

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