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The Best MS-Friendly Snacks for Any Sweet Tooth

By Daryl H. Bryant (362 words)
Posted in MS Friendly Dessert Recipe on September 15, 2016

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The Best MS-Friendly Snacks for Any Sweet Tooth

Eating healthy is a great way to manage your MS symptoms, but sometimes cravings happen. What can you do when your sweet tooth rears its head? These snacks are perfect for when you need something sweet, but don’t want to make your MS symptoms worse. Read on for the best MS-friendly snacks for any sweet tooth.

Juices and Smoothies

(For The Fruity Sweet Tooth)

We’ve written about juices and smoothies before, and it makes sense. Fruit is perfect for providing sweetness, and juices and smoothies are great places to sneak in flax seed and kale. When making the perfect juice or smoothie, choose inflammation fighting fruits like pineapple and blueberries. If you’re too busy to prep smoothies every day, consider doing a bulk smoothie prep once a week or month and portioning out ingredients to use over time. Most smoothie ingredients will hold up well in the freezer.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

(For the Subtle Sweet Tooth)

Both of these ingredients work well for fighting MS symptoms. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, and almonds can help lubricate nerve endings making it easier for nerves to communicate. You can find dark chocolate covered almonds in many stores and online, but you can also make them at home yourself. Melt dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and toss almonds to coat. Then spread or drop in clusters on wax paper and let cool. Store in a cool room or in the refrigerator.

Avocado Mint Ice Cream

(For The Decadent Sweet Tooth)

We’ve shared this recipe for avocado mint ice cream before, but it bears repeating. This DIY ice cream is fast, easy, and loaded with inflammation-fighting power. With a combination of avocado, coconut oil, and dark chocolate pieces, this ice cream will taste so good you’ll forget that it’s good for you.

Eating the right foods will help alleviate your MS symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up sweet treats. By choosing healthy alternatives, planning ahead, and sometimes doing a little diy, you can have delicious sweet snacks that won’t make your MS symptoms worse.

What are your favorite MS-friendly snacks for any sweet tooth? Comment below.

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