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The Best Online MS Support Groups

By Daryl H. Bryant (691 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 4, 2015

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The Best Online MS Support Groups

When you’re diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it can feel like the loneliest disease in the world. With your own unique symptoms, you may think no one out there could understand what you’re going through.

Many people in the outside world have a hard time comprehending what having a chronic disease means, especially when all of our symptoms manifest internally as pain, discomfort, and/or numbness. However, having the Internet at your fingertips means you always have access to some of the best support groups out there, even if they aren’t in your hometown.

If you’re looking for a listening ear, advice on battling chronic pain, or even some delicious MS-friendly recipes, check out our list of the best MS support groups online.

MS Connection

Affiliated with National MS Society in the United States and the United Kingdom, MS Connection is an online community for those diagnosed with MS and their loved ones. When you sign up, you have to create a profile and answer a few questions about yourself, your diagnoses, and your unique experience with Multiple Sclerosis.

There is a discussion board with tips, tricks, and conversations with other MSers, and their blog offers up tips on everything from treatments, on-going research, employment, even insurance! And when you sign up, you get access to a personal one-on-one connection with a trained volunteer that can help you with important matters, like finances, symptoms, and emotional support.

Patients Like Me

If you’re looking to connect with caregivers and other MSers, Patients Like Me is the online community for you. You can find a local one in your hometown to assist you, or seek emotional support online from thousands of caregivers around the world. Their discussion board is filled with different ideas and reviews regarding treatment and tests, including new treatments, meaning you can get the insight you need regarding your symptoms and ways to combat them.

One of my favorite parts of this website is its online health tracker. When you join this online support group, you can monitor your health with their online tools. This information is beneficial for you and your doctor, but it also helps out researchers as they look to develop a cure for MS.

MS Living Symptom Free Facebook

My Facebook page has over 70,000 members who actively participate by sharing their stories, asking questions, and providing information and access to research to thousands of others diagnosed with MS. Daily updates on our page include healthy recipes, research news, and personal stories of living symptom free with MS.

The latest and greatest developments toward finding a cure and relieving symptoms with healthy living, supplements, and therapy are shared weekly on our page. If you’re looking for an active community with a unique perspective on living life to the fullest with MS, like our page and stay on top of all our latest news.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Facebook

Other MSers on Facebook also love the MS Foundation’s Facebook page. This official Facebook Group connects users with support group meetings in their area so you can have the benefits of having support both online and offline. Inspiring quotes, songs, and music videos are also prevalent across this community, giving users a unique way to support one another.

Our favorite part about this Facebook Group is question and answer. The MS Foundation is a judgment-free zone for all users to ask any and all questions they have about MS, their symptoms, and any other issues that could be bothering them as a result of their diagnosis.

What’s your MS support group?

If you are looking for a new community to join online for support and discussion regarding your Multiple Sclerosis, check out these four. I recommend joining all four of them, as each gives you access to different research and medical tools while connecting you with different patients and caregivers across the globe.

Whether you’re looking for new therapeutic techniques, delicious recipes, or just want to talk, each of these online support groups is geared to helping you and anyone who lives with MS on a daily basis. 

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