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The Importance of Conventional Medicine

By Daryl H. Bryant (524 words)
Posted in Living with MS on May 22, 2012

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I must remind all of you reading this that I am not in any way a medical professional but simply share my opinion based on both my research and experience with Multiple Sclerosis.

For those who don’t know, I haven’t always been MS symptom free. I began my journey with MS denying the fact that I needed conventional medicine to live a healthy life. After using these drugs for quite some time now, I realize the amazing effects they have had on me and the help it has given me to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

{#/pub/images/Copaxone.png}ABC drugs, as they are commonly known as, are claimed by many to be the most effective drugs on the market for treating MS. ABC stands for the three drugs: Avonex, Betaseron, and Copaxone. These are just three of the drugs on the market for MS, but are probably the most well known.  As many of us know, MS strikes everyone from a different angle and the same is true with these conventional medicines’ effects on MS patients. One person can see completely different benefits then the next person while another person can see very different side effects then the last two people. Drugs range from being injected daily to injected once every month. The doctor will have to work with the patient to determine the best plan of attack.

The specific benefits to using conventional medicine spread from minimal to life changing. These drugs are shown to reduce the frequency and severity of relapses. They also slow down the rate of disabling your body by lessening the lesion activity and growth in your body. These benefits are all shown in studies of patients that use the drugs as directed.

{#/pub/images/Shot.png}It is recommended that you don’t give up on conventional medicine if the first drug you use doesn’t work. Sometimes side effects can be terrible, but for many they have been known to lessen over time. For my personal story, I began with one of the ABC drugs before having dreadful side effects to then switch to another drug that I have used ever since with great success. I inject myself daily, but there is however a MS drug out there that may be taken orally, yet it may not be for everyone. Injectable drugs continue to be the most effective for most MS patients.

Be sure to do thorough research about each drug so you have a better understanding about what drug may work best for you and then talk to your MS specialist. It is important to be transparent with your doctor by honestly talking about your lifestyle, symptoms, and side effects so you can get the medicine the doctor thinks is best.

I go into much more detail about ABC drugs and many other conventional medicines for MS in my book, MS – Living Symptom Free.

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Mary Thompson posted on: May 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Bryant,
I was dx in 2009 and I have been on copaxone for about 2 1/2 years.I do have a new Neurologist here in Tenn. but they are not the same here as in Boston or Attlboro,& the one I have now I hate and I think it is Important to have a good relationship w/my Neuro Dr.I had a relapse in Aug of last year on my birthday (of all days to have one)I could not see out of one eye and partially out of the other and because the the ER didn't believe in steroid trtmnt I could not see for almost 6weeks. I am on SSI and can't afford your book,butIdo love ur post on my page Thank u. I need to find a new Neuro.Dr.ASAP

Linda posted on: May 24, 2012

I bought your book about one week ago and I received it on Tuesday and i was not able to put it down because it was very insightful. Technically i was diagnosed last year in July after the opti-neuro. I don't think I truly understood the disease clearly thus I did not start the meds as recommended. I opted to wait unitl this year to go to another Neuro (5/2)who was very honest with me. I had & have been experieinceing the systoms not knowing it or looking at them collectively. I have been researching for clarity to which I saw your book and purchased. Its well written in simple terms and I'm there. I related on many of your views and have also concluded that his will not win. I'm Pending my MRI tomorrow and decision on the med option the following week. I started the nonconventional meds (vits/herbs). I'm scared but ready to get this going, for my family and more importantly me,thanks for the book!

Daryl posted on: May 24, 2012

@Mary - thank you for sharing your story. I know exactly how you feel about your eye issues, I also suffered with optic neuritis and know how frustrating this can be. I wish you much success in your journey of finding a new neuro!

@Linda - i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed my story and found the information I shared helpful. It sounds like your doing a great job trying to take your MS head on and doing the necessary research to find what works for you! I'm so proud of you :) Good luck with your MRI results and keep on fighting!

Thank you both!


lisa fenimore posted on: June 1, 2012

i am on my second neurologist and i am happier with this one but i have vertigo to with my ms and i am always dizzy i work full time and it is hard to drive but i do it cause i have to i cant afford your book yet but i will try and purchase it soon thank you for hepling

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