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The Science Behind MitoQ and How It Helps People Living With MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (377 words)
Posted in MitoQ Articles on April 7, 2017

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The Science Behind MitoQ and How It Helps People Living With MS

You’ve heard about the benefits of MitoQ supplementation, but maybe you’re a little bit skeptical. The research doesn’t lie though, and the science behind MitoQ is pretty convincing. After following a decade of research, experiencing my own significant improvement, and reading countless reader stories, I’m a firm believer in the power of MitoQ. Read on to learn the science behind MitoQ and how it helps people living with MS.

What is MitoQ?

MitoQ is a more effective form of CoQ10 that is absorbed directly by the mitochondria of cells, where oxidative reactions occur. Oxidative stress is thought to be the primary cause of neurological degeneration so getting CoQ10 directly into the mitochondria is a huge breakthrough - especially for those of us with MS.

The Science Behind MitoQ

MitoQ actually helps your body repair and rebuild damaged neurons and nerves caused by the inflammation of MS. MS causes mitochondria to attack the brain, breaking down cells, releasing waste into the bloodstream, and increasing inflammation and damage. When you take MitoQ, the antioxidants help your mitochondria repair the inflamed areas of the brain. Users have reported everything from a slight decrease in brain fog all the way to being able to walk after spending years in a wheelchair. Over time, it will help your own mitochondria strengthen your immune system. With MitoQ, you aren’t just temporarily fixing a problem; you are helping your body to heal itself.

How MitoQ Helps People Living With MS

MitoQ helps your body by decreasing the aging of cells and encouraging recovery from disease. Ongoing research points to decreases in fatigue and depression in people living with MS. It also leads to improved immune system, decreased inflammation, and better muscle strength. The most common improvements in people with MS include: increased energy, improved memory and cognitive function, improved focus and attention span, improved coordination and balance, decreased pain and stiffness, and improved mood.

MitoQ is still being tested for the treatment of MS; however, many people (including me) have already had great success with the supplement. Because of MitoQ, I have more energy, less brain fog and clearer thoughts. Interested in trying MitoQ? Enter my monthly MitoQ giveaway for a chance to win two free bottles of MitoQ.

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