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Two Moms in the Raw Nut Butter Truffles Review and Sweepstakes

By Daryl H. Bryant (723 words)
Posted in Living with MS on January 27, 2016

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Two Moms in the Raw Nut Butter Truffles Review and Sweepstakes

I’ve seen Two Moms in the Raw at Whole Foods before. However, I never took notice of it until they reached out and asked me to try their products and to let me know that they are running a 25% off promo + sweepstakes where you can win an Inflammation Fighter Snack Pack.

Like me, Two Moms in the Raw advocates a natural path to wellness as being key to overall health. Once I found out that the founder has MS too, I was truly inspired by her story and even loved the Two Moms in the Raw products that much more (before even tasting them). 

Shari Leidich – the founder of Two Moms in the Raw – was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. After researching ways to control her MS, she eventually began a plant-based diet of mostly raw ingredients to help combat her MS symptoms.

Two Moms in the Raw is her response to MS.

Initially beginning as homemade treats for herself, her family and her friends, Two Moms in the Raw is now a family-owned, gluten-free, raw food manufacturer that sells its products online and also in Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts and other natural grocers nationwide.

After reading Shari’s story and understanding more about the Two Moms in the Raw brand, I am inspired by Shari’s success and want to thank her for what she is doing for other MS’ers. Despite living with something as difficult as MS, she’s making a positive impact on the world

How can Two Moms in the Raw Products Help Fight MS?

Made with 100% organic, raw, vegan ingredients and free of wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugars and gluten, Two Moms in the Raw foods are anti-inflammatory and Paleo-friendly. The ingredients are filled with healthy nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and boost nutrient absorption – and, they’re delicious to boot!

Nut Butter Truffles Review

For my review, Two Moms in the Raw sent me The Nut Butter Truffles, one of their most popular snacks. It comes in three flavors: Green Tea Vanilla, Cayenne Cacao and Cacao Almond (a 2013 Foodie Awards Winner!).

Green Tea Vanilla

Green Tea Vanilla Review

The first thing I thought when I took my first bite was “this would be so good with a cup of coffee.” The perfect amount of chewy, the Green Tea Vanilla Nut Butter Truffle tastes like the healthy version of raw cookie dough.

What’s in it: Sprouted Almonds, Agave, Cacao, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Vanilla, Sea Salt

Cayenne Cacao

Cayenne Cacao Truffles

I wanted this one to be my favorite, and I was totally right. The cinnamon is definitely the strongest flavor, so I would steer clear of this one if you don’t like cinnamon flavor, but the combination of spices was so good. I wished I tasted the cayenne a little more, but I definitely felt a little heat the more I ate.

What’s in it: Sprouted Almonds, Agave, Cacao, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Sea Salt

Cacao Almond

Cacao Almond Truffles

At first, the flavor was stronger than I expected it to be, but in the best way possible. These truffles taste like a healthy nut brownie – so good, I felt like it should be bad for you.  

What’s in it: Sprouted Almonds, Agave, Cacao, Sea Salt

Final Verdict

I felt like I could give my kids these truffles as a healthy dessert alternative and they would absolutely LOVE it – like a healthy brownie bite.

The Cayenne Cacao and Cacao Almond were definitely my favorites out of all the flavors, but all three are absolutely delicious. 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, plant-based protein, vegan, raw and sprouted, these truffles are really healthy but still packed so much flavor.

Whether it’s your morning snack, your mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or your after-dinner dessert, the Nut Butter truffles are the perfect snacks for yourself, your family or for guests.

Anti-Inflammation Pack Sweepstakes

From now until February 29, Two Moms in the Raw is running a special promo where you can get 25% off the Nut Butter Truffles, PLUS free shipping.

You’ll also be entered to win a $100 Inflammation Fighter prize pack, which includes:

  • Grain-Free Cereal
  • Nut Bars
  • Almond Protein Crackers
  • Two Moms in the Raw Cookbook: Simple, Clean, Irresistible Recipes for Your Family’s Health

Get 25% off + enter the sweepstakes!

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Lenny Kushman posted on: February 2, 2016

I live in Bakersfield, Ca. We don't have a Whole Foods up here. Where else are your products sold?

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