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3 Steps to Keep Boredom Out of Your Workout

By Daryl H. Bryant (623 words)
Posted in Living with MS on August 16, 2012

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One of the most critical elements for me to fighting my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms is exercise. Staying active is a big reason why I am as healthy as I am today. Rest is important, of course, during relapses and other times throughout a given day in a MS patient’s life, but so is keeping the body’s muscles and blood flow healthy. Keeping the body healthy with exercise makes it that much more effective in fighting the disease. Once again, I am not a medical professional so what exercises work for me may not work for you, thus it is recommended you experiment until you find a comfortable workout regimen.

There are times that exercise seems to be a daunting task because of either the struggle to takes to work out or the sheer boredom that it may cause someone. Of course working out may not be easy, but the end results are worth it. The boredom issues can be solved with the help of the 3 tips below.

Find a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy can make getting yourself to work out much easier for a variety of reasons. First, it gives you extra motivation to work out since if you don’t go you will be leaving your buddy all alone. Your buddy can also be a source of motivation for you and help you get inspired to do that day’s workout. There is a flip side to this as well where you can become a source of motivation for your buddy and help them join you.

A workout buddy is also great because you can talk and interact with each other throughout the workout which will help it fly by. Talking while lifting weights or during a walk in the park will make the workout seem it was much shorter than it actually was, along with interesting conversation. A buddy system is highly recommended to keep boredom out of your workout.

2.       Play for Team

Playing for a team can help you workout because the focus can become more about the social aspect of playing and meeting up with friends. It’s a time to catch up with friends and have a good time together all while exercising in a fun way whether it’s a basketball, softball, or tennis league. A lot of the times going to practice or a game doesn’t even feel like working out because of how much fun it is interacting on a social level with, of course, athletic activities involved.

3.       Change Locations

No matter where you decide to workout, if you do it enough in the same spot it can become extremely mundane and unappealing. It may be a hassle to head to gym all of the time, so why not take your workout outside? A change of pace is always refreshing to any exercise regimen. A fresh outlook can revive your motivation and determination to meet your exercise goals. If your outdoor workout is putting you down, try a new location or route. You can also try working out in your house if outdoors becomes a hassle. Between the gym, outdoors, and your house, there are plenty of combinations that can be created to ensure a stimulating workout routine.

In Chapter 7 of my book, MS Living Symptom Free, I talk more about avoiding boredom within an exercise routine. Feel free to visit my Facebook page for daily updates and news about Multiple Sclerosis.

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Marlene Joyce posted on: August 17, 2012

My daughter Rachel was diagnosed with ms at age 32.
She is a massage therapist and does yoga. You are so right. Exercise is important on every level. Best Wishes!!

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