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4 Best Exercises to Help with Multiple Sclerosis

By Daryl H. Bryant (567 words)
Posted in Living with MS on March 30, 2012

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I will preach this time and time again: exercise is not only integral to managing your multiple sclerosis symptoms but really, your overall health. There are a few exercises that are more beneficial than others for us. Because of this I have personally found that swimming has made a major difference in my wellness. Some other great exercises that I have read about and seen in action are: yoga, water aerobics and Tai Chi.

Those of us with multiple sclerosis have felt the serious pangs of stress and fatigue. This may be why doctors previously recommended people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to stay away from exercise. But through the years the medical community has learned that by maintaining your body, you actually have more energy. And exercise also fuels mood heightening chemicals in the body like endorphins.


Swimming for MSWhy swimming?

Personally, swimming is a part of my regular regimen. Aside from being a great aerobic exercise, swimming is also great way to exercise your whole body at once.

Swimming helps build endurance and increase your lung capacity. I also noticed that exercises that teach us to control our breathing helps with stress. 

A big issue between exercise and multiple sclerosis is the effect that too much heat has on us. Being in the water helps keep our body's cool and not stress us out.

Water Aerobics

Why water aerobics?

Again, staying in the water has a calming effect on the body and helps keep the body temperature down. For those looking for more resistance, a great way to tone and maintain muscles is also to do water aerobics.



Why yoga?

I have only started getting into yoga but I can tell it is already making a difference. I have also read countless articles and accounts from other multiple sclerosis patients about the success they’ve had with yoga.

The stretching and breathing exercises are great for the central nervous system and helps bring peace. Yoga doesn’t just work out the body but also the spiritual and mental parts of you.

 It also doesn’t put too much strain on you and you can keep your body at a comfortable temperature during your work out.

Tai Chi

Why tai chi?

Another eastern alternative to yoga is tai chi. Tai chi, pronounced TIE-chee, is an ancient discipline from China and has proven to both reduce stress and improve health.

Like yoga there are a number of different styles, so I recommend you find what works for you. Tai chi can help you clear your mind through breathing and rhythmic movements.

These exercises are suited for us because they allow us to work our bodies out but are also cautious to our condition. Having multiple sclerosis doesn’t mean surrendering, it means finding a solution to the obstacle.

All of these exercises can be done groups, especially water aerobics, yoga and tai chi.  Start a group and motivate and support one another.

Always, I wish you the best of luck in your journey and I hope the information I share helps you. Visit my page to learn how you can get a copy of my book.

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