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6 Power Foods to Reduce MS Inflammation

By Daryl H. Bryant (868 words)
Posted in Living with MS on July 2, 2015

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6 Power Foods to Reduce MS Inflammation

Inflammation may be the natural way the body fends off infection and disease, but when you have Multiple Sclerosis, chronic inflammation can be debilitating. Inflammation is often the cause of many of our symptom outbreaks, and the best way to reduce your symptoms is to reduce your inflammation.

If you’ve noticed an increase in your MS inflammation, a few dietary changes can make a huge difference. Snacking on and cooking with these 6 power foods can reduce your MS inflammation and help you avoid symptom outbreaks.


A favorite powerfood of mine, almonds are a great way to snack and reduce your MS inflammation. They are rich in the mineral magnesium, which is linked to heart health. The magnesium in almonds increases the fatty content of your blood. This boosts the remedial properties of your blood and will improve your heart’s functioning, reduce your inflammation, and give your cells the extra support they need to fight off toxins and rebuild areas of your body damaged by MS.

Carry a bag of almonds with you at work or while running errands and snack on them when you feel hungry. They’ll keep you full and reduce your inflammation.


Blueberries are in season this summer, and they can make a refreshing treat on a hot day. And as an added bonus, they can reduce your inflammation! The flavonoids, phenolic acids, and tannins in this blue fruit all trigger the antioxidants in your body to rush to repair cell damage and remove free radicals from your system that could be causing symptom outbreaks.

Fighting off free radicals means less inflammation for you, and the fruit is also packed full of Vitamins C and E that boost your immune system and keep your symptoms at bay. Sprinkle a few blueberries on your morning cereal, or try storing some blueberries in the freezer for a frozen treat after physical therapy.


Stick with refreshing and add a few strawberry slices to your bowl of blueberries. Just one cup of strawberries contains more vitamin C than a whole orange, which makes this fruit a great boost for your immune system.

Vitamin C also helps build and maintain connective tissue, which can be extremely beneficial if your inflammation reduces your mobility. The great red pigmentation of this fruit means its rich in antioxidants that will reduce your MS inflammation, and they are also rich in fiber, which means they’re a great snack to keep you feeling full throughout the busy day.

Sweet Potatoes

Orange vegetables are your best friend. Sweet potatoes get their coloring from the high amounts of beta carotene they contain, which makes them powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. You can reduce your inflammation by adding a few slices of these to your favorite dinner recipes.

Try slicing them thin, sprinkling them with a little bit of salt, and baking them. This transforms them into a healthy and sweet French fry alternative that makes a great side for summer picnics, grilling, or just plain snacking. You can also try my recipe - Baked Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Honey - for a delicious lunch.


Salmon as more omega-3 fatty acids than any other type of fish, and these fats work to reduce inflammation and improve your heart health. One serving of salmon can greatly reduce your inflammation and stop symptom flare-ups from occurring, and its subtle taste makes it a great source of protein for those who aren’t fans of fishy flavors.

Salmon is best served raw or seared, especially in sushi, and if you’re looking for a great summer recipe to try out with friends, check out my MS-friendly recipe for seared wild salmon, one of my favorites from last summer.

Olive Oil

When you cook with olive oil, you are turning every meal into an anti-inflammatory feast. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and polyphenols that work together as antioxidants. They protect your immune system, improve heart health, and reduce inflammation throughout the body. They also strengthen your blood cells, which will give you an extra boost of energy that can make a huge difference on a busy day.

Line baking pans with olive oil before cooking, sauté fresh veggies in olive oil before serving, or use olive oil as a base for homemade salad dressings. Simple steps like this will give your meals the kick they need to reduce your inflammation.

What do you eat?

There are many ways to reduce inflammation in your body and minimize your MS symptoms. These are only 6 of my favorite anti-inflammatory superfoods. There are many fruits and veggies that you can munch on that will reduce your inflammation, so be sure to ask your doctor, nutritionists, and friends which food stuffs are their favorites. It’s always fun to swap recipes in order to find things that you actually want to eat.

Remember, before you make any sudden dietary changes, talk with your doctor about your MS inflammation. MS affects every patient differently, and you want to be sure that you are consuming all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to feel your best and continue living symptom free. 

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Tricia Consiglio posted on: July 2, 2015

I do like these power foods but I have a hard time with Salomon. Do you have any good recipes for this fish?

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