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Finding an MS Support System

By Daryl H. Bryant (576 words)
Posted in Living with MS on April 5, 2012

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With such a devastating disease like Multiple Sclerosis, it is essential to have support that is readily available for when you need it. I know that without my support systems, I would not be where I am today. Whether you were recently diagnosed or have had MS for many years, support is a critical part of the MS journey.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find support and there are times that MS makes you feel alone. I am here to talk about great ways to get that support you are looking for no matter where you live or what you are looking for in a support system.

Personal Face-to-Face Interaction

Support Groups
There are many times that I would rather talk to a face than to a voice on the phone. It is something about being in each others’ presence that makes that encounter special. Body language is also something that will only occur when being in the same room as them. A lot of times a hug can do worlds more than a text message ever can.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has been around since 1986 with a goal of “Motivating, Educating, and Empowering.” This foundation has done a great job bringing people together for MS support groups all around the country. You may search by state to find groups, over 100 nationwide, near you. Groups usually meet once a month. Each group is a little different in terms of what goes on at these meetings, some have educational speakers, some are more interactive and social, while others are a mixture of the two.

These support groups are excellent and many times are a real eye opener. They present a great opportunity to share experiences with those who understand what you are going through. I know that some of the best support I get is from others who have MS. Groups are a great place to bring family and friends too! It’s your own support system within another support system.

Social Interaction

Social Support Groups
Sometimes there are days that leaving the house isn’t always the most attractive option, but there are still ways to receive support via social media outlets like Facebook. My MS – Living Symptom Free Facebook Page is a great outlet for anybody with MS, or not, to interact and give each other inspiring words. The social aspect is so great because sometimes people communicate better when they are not face-to-face so learning about great diets and exercises for MS is much easier to do online for them.

Social Interaction also brings a fantastic platform to reach people from all kinds of backgrounds all over the world. Something that can’t be learned in local groups is how people across the country or across different oceans are dealing with their Multiple Sclerosis. It’s a wonderful question and answer platform.

One of the reasons I wrote my book MS Living Symptom Free is to provide support for those who need it most. I give accounts about my journey with MS and my lifestyle to live symptom free.

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