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Four Amazing People Living MS Symptom Free!

By Daryl H. Bryant (546 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 23, 2015

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Four Amazing People Living MS Symptom Free!

Living symptom free is my motto and my goal when I designed my website and published my book. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis should not slow you down, and encouraging others with MS who are living with this diagnosis every day to live symptom free is important.

Overcoming obstacles – especially those created by your own body – can be very difficult but also extremely rewarding. Here are a few of my favorite people, all living MS Symptom Free! Find out how they did it.

Karen Vernon

Karen hasn’t been able to stretch out her arms for the past couple of years, but after taking supplements – including MitoQ – she was able to easily lift both of her arms high over her head. A simple task for some, but for those with MS, we know how hard it can be to move, lift, twist, and turn any part of our body.

Sometimes, it’s close to impossible. But now, Karen has found a new motivation to stay healthy AND active. Beyond going to the gym and sticking to her new exercise regime, Karen enjoys time outside with her dog and even finds the energy to venture outdoors to explore nature on a regular basis.

Kristen Wenthold

As one of my Facebook page’s avid followers, Kristen was inspired by her MS diagnosis! She became a personal trainer in order to improve her strength and her balance, but she also works to help others suffering the same as she was.

She’s even started CrossFit training, a high-intensity exercise regimen that focuses on core strength and weightlifting and incorporates all sorts of different exercise techniques, including gymnastics, strongman, and powerlifting.

If you ever feel held back by your diagnosis, just remember Kristen’s power strength. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Vincent Macaluso

Vincent is a neurologist who was diagnosed with MS when he was still in medical school. What could have been a disheartening experience, he took it as the motivation he needed to finish his studies and help those suffering just as he was.

What did MS teach him about living symptom free?

“The one thing I’ve learned is that the best medicine is listening,” Vincent says. Vincent’s opportunity to live symptom free led him to help others live symptom free, because understanding that MS affects each patient differently is the first step in understanding how you can overcome your symptoms.

Adam McFarlane

Another MitoQ advocate, Adam suffered a terrible accident that almost completely depleted his energy levels. But now he finds the energy to make it through his day! Having energy means having your health, and Adam not only eats healthy and stays active but he also has the energy to take on his art projects.

Carving wood as beautifully as he can not only takes talent and time but also takes energy, and with his newfound burst of energy and confidence, he sees himself pursuing art projects, relationships, and time spent with friends.

What’s your MS story?

These MSers inspire me every day. I hope they inspire you as well! And let us know how you’re living symptom free by sharing your story on my Facebook page #mslivingsymptomfree!

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