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MitoQ and Its Effect on MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (1067 words)
Posted in Living with MS on June 3, 2015

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MitoQ and Its Effect on MS

MitoQ is prescribed to treat a number of neurological disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis. It is designed specifically to target the mitochondria that is responsible for protecting and rebuilding the neurological pathways in the body, and it can reduce a number of symptoms ranging from memory loss to physical disabilities.

Depending on your MS symptoms, you may experience different effects when you take MitoQ. Read on to learn more about MitoQ and its effect on your MS symptoms.

MitoQ and Energy

Taking MitoQ will deliver a jolt of antioxidants to your cells that will renew your energy and reduce your fatigue. During the day, your cells will accumulate waste that can slow you down. This results in that sluggish, exhausted feeling you may experience throughout the day, and these sensations can often be worse with your MS. With the antioxidants in MitoQ, the mitochondria in your cells is given the extra power it needs to clear out that waste and boost your energy.

MitoQ and Memory

If you experience memory loss or lapses in short term memory due to your MS, taking MitoQ can protect your neurons from further damage. In recent studies, MitoQ has worked to protect the mitochondria from toxicity and damage related to Multiple Sclerosis. What’s more, it can reduce the neural decline caused by PPMS and can even reverse the cognitive loss that is directly related to the damaged neurons.

MitoQ and Coordination

The same way MitoQ improves memory, it works to improve spatial awareness and coordination. It will protect the neurons in your brain responsible for coordination and reverse the effects of already damaged neurons by giving the mitochondria the antioxidants it needs to rebuild damaged cells and pathways. MitoQ will not work right away, but after a few weeks of taking the antioxidant, you will begin to notice noted improvements in your coordination and balance.

MitoQ and Pain

Because MitoQ specializes in protecting and rebuilding damaged cells, you will experience a reduction in your MS pain. As the cells are repaired, your body will be under less stress and strain, and your physical movement and flexibility will improve. And with these healthy boosts in your physical and mental energy, you’ll notice a decrease in your symptom outbreaks, which will also reduce your pain.


The effect MitoQ can have on your MS really depends on your unique symptom outbreaks. Wherever you experience the most discomfort or difficulties, the antioxidants will target and improve. Many patients experience increased benefits when combining MitoQ with a healthy diet and well-rounded physical therapy regimens.

Whatever your range of symptoms, the flexibility of MitoQ’s antioxidant formula can help reduce them. Prescribed dosages are related to your symptoms and your existing wellness routine, so talk with your doctor before taking MitoQ in order to understand and anticipate its effects on your MS. If you're interested in purchasing MitoQ, you can do so here.

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