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How a Raw-Based Diet Helps Manage MS Symptoms

By Daryl H. Bryant (424 words)
Posted in Living with MS on February 10, 2016

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How a Raw-Based Diet Helps Manage MS Symptoms

Many people with MS find relief by changing the way they eat, like adopting a gluten-free diet or eating non-inflammatory foods. A diet that can help manage MS symptoms is a raw-based diet, also known as a plant-based diet. Read on to learn how this kind of diet can help you manage your MS symptoms.

What is a Raw (or Plant) Based Diet?

A raw-based diet includes plant-based foods in their natural state, which includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. All foods in a raw diet are eaten raw - meaning that they are not cooked or refined in any way. Foods are never steamed, boiled, or baked because the cooking process breaks down important nutrients.

How Can a Raw-Based Diet Help Manage MS?

Raw foods are in their natural state, so the nutrients are densely packed and easily absorbed by your body. So foods that fight inflammation will do its best in their raw state. Foods that help with your memory will work even better when they are uncooked.

All of the food recommendations we’ve made for helping manage MS are only amplified by a raw diet. Check out these four super snacks that will help you through your day. Guess what? They’re all raw.

What Kinds of Raw Foods/Snacks Can You Eat?

A lot of people think the idea of a raw diet sounds like so much work, but the preparation is so much simpler than other diets. Because you don’t cook things, you can prepare your food much more quickly than cooking a complicated meal.

However, eating a raw diet doesn’t mean you have to eat only vegetables you wash, cut up, and place in a baggie. There are plenty of foods out there that are prepared specifically for raw food diets.

One great brand that I’ve just recently discovered is Two Moms in the Raw. All of their products are 100% organic, raw, vegan, free of wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugars, and gluten. I really recommend their Nut Butter Truffles. These make a great snack when you are craving something sweet (and maybe a little bad for you), but there’s nothing to feel guilty about.

Plus, right now, they are hosting a 25% off discount and a sweepstakes to win an Inflammation Fighter Snack Pack - perfect for those of us fighting MS symptoms every day. Just click on the link to enter to win.

Switching to a raw diet can help manage your MS symptoms by providing you with plenty of nutrients and inflammation-fighting foods, all in the purest form.

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