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How to Make 2017 the Best Yet

By Daryl H. Bryant (655 words)
Posted in Living with MS on February 21, 2017

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How to Make 2017 the Best Yet

Resolutions don’t go so well for most of us. We make them with every intention to keep them only to give up the first time we fail at them. When it comes to living with MS, there are important things we all know we should be doing in order to feel better, but that doesn’t mean we are actually doing them. So let’s talk about how to make 2017 the best yet. It starts with a few resolutions, but it only lasts if we can be patient with ourselves throughout the process.

Fight Inflammation by Eating Better (Not Perfect)

We talk about food a lot here, and for good reason. What you eat directly affects your MS symptoms and the inflammation in your body. Eating healthy and losing weight are two of the most common goals people have for themselves, but most people fail when they make them. Instead of trying to dramatically overhaul your entire diet in one day, consider doing it incrementally. Add more vegetables and inflammation-fighting foods. Eat less of the foods that cause you problems. Making slow, steady, consistent changes to your diet will allow you to create new habits that don’t feel overwhelming. If you take a small step towards a better diet each month, you will be in a much better place at the end of 2017.

Sleep More. Sleep Better.

Sleep plays a huge role in our health, but we often ignore it because it’s not productive. We don’t realize how much better we would feel and how much more productive we could be if we just got enough sleep. Still, when people try to overhaul their sleeping, they set hardline goals for themselves. If you currently don’t go to bed until 2:00 am and only sleep 4 hours, deciding that you want to start going to bed at 9:00 each night just may not work at first. Instead, look at what your current sleep situation is. Do you need more sleep or do you just need to improve the sleep you are already getting? If you need to change your sleep schedule, do it slowly over the course of a month, giving your body time to adjust to the changes. And if you miss a night, don’t let that stop you from your end goal.

Improve Relationships

Your support network is crucial to your happiness. Make 2017 a year where you focus on the people around you. Be kinder, more patient, and more generous. Be forgiving and as dependable as you can be. But remember that sometimes you have limitations. Never feel bad saying no if you are not up to doing something. And if you have to back out last minute because of your health, know that you are not doing anything wrong.

Find Something To Do – And Do It

Everyone should have a hobby or passion project to work on. Whether it’s crocheting, woodworking, programming, reading, or just playing solitare, find something you love doing and do it. Take time to do the things you enjoy this year and you will decrease your stress and increase your confidence. If your MS symptoms are getting in the way of a favorite hobby, talk to your healthcare provider about adaptations and aids that may be available to help you.

Alleviate MS Symptoms with MitoQ

Although MitoQ is not made for treating MS, this antioxidant is helping alleviate symptoms and side effects by targeting the mitochondria. It helps reduce fatigue, improve brain function, and decrease muscle tiredness. Providing the body with antioxidants can rebuild the damaged neurons and nerves caused by the inflammation unique to MS. Turn this year around with MitoQ.

There are plenty of ways to make 2017 the best year yet. It’s just a matter of choosing what is important to you, getting started, and working through the hiccups. The goal isn’t perfection; it’s improvement.

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