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MS & Seasonal Allergies

By Daryl H. Bryant (416 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 28, 2018

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MS & Seasonal Allergies

Are you curious if your MS and seasonal allergies are related — or worse yet, if your seasonal allergies will make your MS worse? You’re not the only one. Many people with MS feel that there may be a correlation between their MS symptoms and seasonal allergies. Read on to learn about how MS and seasonal allergies are related and what you should do to treat seasonal allergies when you have MS.

Are MS & Seasonal Allergies Related?

While there are many people who believe their MS and seasonal allergies are related, the science hasn’t backed them up just yet. MS is an autoimmune disorder that causes your body’s immune system to attack its own central nervous system. Seasonal allergies are irritations that cause the immune system to overreact. Although both MS and seasonal allergies are caused by the immune system, allergies will not trigger MS symptoms. Still, there has been a correlation found between inflammation and histamine, so having MS may make you more susceptible to having allergic reactions.

Self-Care for Seasonal Allergies When You Have MS

The biggest thing is to avoid your triggers, whatever (and wherever) they are. An allergist can help you identify triggers if you don’t know what they are, but if you already know, do your best to avoid them. Wear a mask when outdoors; remove your shoes before walking into the house so you don’t track in that pesky pollen. If your pets go outside, don’t let them on the furniture. You should also change your air filter every 90 days to avoid allergens in your home.

When An Allergist Can Help

Allergists are helpful when you need to identify your allergy triggers. They can do a simple test to determine what you are allergic to, and to what degree each allergen will affect you. Even if you know what your triggers are, you should consider seeing an allergist if you are unable to treat your allergies yourself. They will be able to help you find the right treatment plan and even offer shots to help desensitize your body to certain allergens.

Above all else, don’t let seasonal allergies stop you from living your life. Just like with MS, the key is to create a positive and healthy lifestyle that supports you in your ability to do what you want. Don’t suffer in silence. If your allergies are affecting your quality of life, talk to your doctor. Learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and Allergies.

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