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Pain Free Travel: 3 Tips on How to Travel With MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (519 words)
Posted in Living with MS on August 6, 2014

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Pain Free Travel:  3 Tips on How to Travel With MS

Living with MS can be difficult on a daily basis, but it can become even more so when you travel to an unfamiliar place. Many factors can contribute to a harder traveling experience, like unfamiliar weather, unknown travel conditions, or unavailable medical supplies. However, here are three ways you can make traveling with MS easier and more enjoyable for you.

Be flexible
The number one travel tip for those with MS is to remember that travel for a vacation is supposed to be a fun, entertaining experience, not one filled with stress and pain. This means that sometimes, you might need to make last minute adjustments if you’re experiencing an MS symptom flare-up.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you when you are on vacation and remember that it is better to miss one fun activity than to keep going despite the pain. This is especially true for those with MS who need to travel for business frequently. Missing one social event due to the need for rest is a better option than missing a few days of meetings because you pushed your body too hard. By schedule in times to rest and taking things as they come, you should be able to enjoy your travel rather than feeling depleted by it.

Pack medication carefully
When traveling by air, it is always best to have medications in their original prescription containers that were given to you by your pharmacists. Not only is this a good way to prove the medications belong to you, but it also makes sure you have your pharmacy and doctor information on hand during travel. It is important to pack all of your medications in your carry-on bag just in case any checked luggage gets lost. 

Some experts also recommend having a note from your doctor that details both your condition and medication in the event that medication gets lost and you need emergency replacements. In addition, consider any non-prescription items you may need while traveling. For instance, it is a good idea to carry an extra instant ice pack in case you’re feeling overheated one day. Being prepared makes traveling with MS much easier and less stressful.

Do your research
Experts recommend hiring travel agents to help you plan your trip, as they are better equipped to ask the necessary questions about your accommodations that you may need to know in order to travel safely and comfortably.

If you prefer to make arrangements yourself, be sure to make fully informed decisions. Accessibility means various things to people, so when you ask a hotel about accessibility, they may answer with an affirmative only for you to find that a wheelchair does not fit through your hotel room door. Make a list of all the things you require while traveling, and then contact each place you will stay or pass through to  be sure they are able to handle your requests.

Traveling with MS does not have to be any added pain or stress. If you inform yourself prior to departure and make sure to plan for the unexpected, your travel experience with MS should be enjoyable and pain-free. 

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