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Reduce Common MS Symptoms with MitoQ

By Daryl H. Bryant (496 words)
Posted in Living with MS on October 8, 2014

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Reduce Common MS Symptoms with MitoQ

Multiple Sclerosis affects each patient differently, and the symptoms caused by the disease can vary in type and intensity from patient to patient.

Holistic approaches, changes in diet, and prescription medication are common ways people with MS can alleviate their symptoms, but researchers are constantly trying to find more ways to reduce MS symptoms or cure it altogether.

A new supplement that has recently emerged to help alleviate common symptoms of MS is MitoQ. Although not specifically made for MS, MitoQ has been a popular supplement for people with MS. It helps reduce fatigue, improve brain function, and decrease muscle tiredness, which are all common symptoms of MS.

How does MitoQ work?

MitoQ fights against the body’s mitochondria. In a healthy body, mitochondria regulate cell energy, metabolism, and growth in the brain, heart, and liver. It is also responsible for the aging process, playing a role in cell breakdown.

However, for those suffering from neurological disorders like MS, the mitochondria prematurely breaks down cells in the brain, releasing waste and weakening the immune system.

This is thought to be the cause of many of the symptoms seen in MS patients, including fatigue, weakness, and reduced brain function. MitoQ works to inhibit the mitochondria from breaking down the cells, thus giving patients a reprieve from incessant symptom outbreaks.

How does MitoQ alleviate MS symptoms?

MitoQ has been continuing to study its effects on people with multiple sclerosis in an effort to further understand how the MitoQ antioxidant can fight neurodegenerative diseases like MS and restore the body to their natural functioning states. Because a bulk of the body’s mitochondria resides in the brain, MitoQ has proven to be successful against MS by reducing the inflammatory damage caused by the infected cells.

A study completed by the Health and Science University in Oregon found that mice infected with MS had reduced inflammation and increased brain function only 14 days after taking MitoQ. MitoQ also reduced the demyelination around the neurons, which is what causes the degeneration of brain and physical functioning.

Successful human trials yielded same results, and many patients who are currently prescribed MitoQ have experienced a significant relief from symptoms. Patients reported having more energy and muscle strength, and nearly half experience a more positive mood.

The bottom line

Realize that MitoQ is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis; it is merely meant to alleviate symptoms commonly associated with MS and improve quality of life. Talk to your doctors first and ask whether MitoQ supplements will interfere with your other prescribed MS medicines. However, MitoQ can have the potential to provide comfort, reprieve, and an indispensable energy boost for you. 

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