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The Importance of Organic Foods for your MS

By Daryl H. Bryant (233 words)
Posted in Living with MS on September 21, 2012

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{#/pub/images/Veggies.jpg}The term organic means that there were no chemicals used in the growing or processing of the food and that includes no pesticides, steroids or other harmful chemicals. This is the key because research shows that toxic substances that enter the system contribute to the destruction of healthy cells. Maintaining a strong, immune system equips the body to respond more positively. 

A healthy, organic lifestyle should include a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats. Organic meat will also have no steroids added. Steroids affect foods in the same way pesticides, chemicals and other toxins, and they damage the immune system.

Every day use a rainbow of different colored produce, a variety of clean proteins, with wild-caught fish being one of your best choices. Refrain from eating large amounts of corn products and bread because they are made with gluten, which is one the lead causes of inflammation in the immune system.

For the best results, remain consistent in preparing fresh, organic meals and getting enough exercise. It is essential to prevent toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from entering the body, and in doing this, you will reduce the symptoms of MS on a daily basis. 

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Comments (2)

teresa posted on: September 24, 2012

Does everything w/ corn have gluten? I know Progresso makes a gluten free corn chowder so now I am confused. Thanks

Daryl posted on: September 24, 2012

Hi Teresa,

Corn is 100% gluten free. However, I prefer to minimize my corn intake and really only like to eat it if it's Non-GMO (non genetically modified). You can find this label on packages if it's Non-GMO.


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