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The Importance of a Healthy Sleep

By Daryl H. Bryant (427 words)
Posted in Living with MS on January 4, 2012

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Hope everyone had a wonderful new year!

Surely everyone is still recuperating from this past holiday season, between our hectic schedules, shopping, parties and family functions—the holidays can take a toll on our bodies and minds! 

I go into brief detail in my book, MS Living Symptom Free, about the importance of sleep. Yes exercise is important, supplements, vitamins, diet, and etc. but a healthy sleep schedule is just as paramount to your health. Today I want to explain to everyone why they should commit to getting enough rest and sleep every day.

What can sleep deprivation do to you? You might be surprised to find out…

  • Loss of productivity
    This one is more obvious, but a lack of sleep will guarantee you a slower day. So if you plan on being productive and getting things done, a good night’s rest is a must.
  • Sleep deprivation is for dummies 
    Literally! When you don’t have enough sleep you are less alert, aware, you concentrate less and your cognitive processes are just out of whack.

    Also, your brain processes what you learned during the day and your memories during your sleep. So a lack of sleep prevents you from retaining what you learned as well as prevents you from learning at your best.
  • Sleeplessness Causes Wrinkles
    After a long night and not enough sleep have you noticed the eye bags under your eyes during the day? Chronic sleep loss can actually cause fine lines and dark circles under your eyes.

All of these physical and mental reactions to sleep affect everyone, MS or no MS. But as someone with MS, the biggest issue with not getting enough sleep is the amount of stress sleeplessness causes on the body.

You are sluggish, not functioning optimally and your body reacts to this by releasing stress hormones that have negative effects on your body. Also, sleep functions to nourish the central nervous system and brain.

How many hours of sleep should you be getting?

It varies between different people and age influences it too. Children and teenagers who are still growing should have more sleep while adults should be having between seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

In coming blogs I will give some tips for helping you get into a rhythm and normal sleep schedule. It really makes a world of difference with your energy, health and multiple sclerosis management!


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