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What Should I Know Before Starting MitoQ?

By Daryl H. Bryant (344 words)
Posted in MitoQ Articles on June 22, 2017

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What Should I Know Before Starting MitoQ?

Recently, I posted a blog about the different MitoQ supplements available and the benefits of each one. Many readers have had great success taking MitoQ, but if you are reading this article, my guess is that you are on the fence. Read on to learn more about MitoQ and its benefits on your body.

What results can I expect from MitoQ?

Every experience with MitoQ is different. Depending on your age, fitness, and health, your cells and organ systems will re-energize at different speeds. It can take days, weeks, or months for you to experience the full effect of MitoQ. MitoQ+Curcumin is recommended for most people with MS as a starting point because it crosses the blood brain barrier and personally, it has had a tremendous effect on my health.

Does MitoQ interact with any medicines/supplements?

Feel free to take MitoQ with your other supplements, but consult your physician about possible medication interactions. While MitoQ has been extensively tested for safety, drug interactions can occur.

What is the highest dose, and are there any side effects?

The recommended dose for MitoQ is 10 mg per day, but it has been safety tested up to 80 mg per day. At higher doses, some patients experienced nausea and stomach upset.

Does MitoQ replace CoQ10?

It can. MitoQ will decrease your requirement for high dose antioxidant supplementation by decreasing free radical leakage from mitochondria. If you are taking a statin, you may want to continue low-dose CoQ10 supplementation (50-100 mg per day), but otherwise, MitoQ will fill this need.

Is MitoQ natural, gluten-free, and/or dairy free?

MitoQ is derived from naturally occurring CoQ10, but it has been modified so that it can target your mitochondria directly. It is gluten-free and dairy-free. All ingredients are listed on the product descriptions under the ingredients tab.

If you are still on the fence about taking MitoQ, enter my monthly giveaway for one free bottle of MitoQ. Browse through the MitoQ website to learn more about the supplements and success stories.

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