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10 Health Benefits of Sleep

By Daryl H. Bryant (630 words)
Posted in Pay it Forward on August 30, 2013

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10 Health Benefits of Sleep

In today’s fast paced world, settling down for a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for many people. In fact, according to, 70 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder. While sleep may be elusive, it is definitely a goal worth pursuing. Consider these ten health benefits of sleep.

1. Increased Energy

Getting a full night’s sleep helps people have energy to complete their daily tasks. Being active during the day should help you get a good night’s rest the next night. This creates a positive cycle.

2. Improved Memory

Many people do not realize that sleep can actually help improve memory. It turns out that staying up all night cramming before a big test or meeting is not a good idea after all.

3. Better Concentration

When you are sleep deprived, it can be difficult to focus in general, let alone on important tasks. Getting a good night’s sleep can effectively help people can make their waking hours much more focused and productive.

4. Healthier Weight

Dieters who are not seeing results may not realize that sleep is also plays a key role in weight loss. While sleeping does not take off the pounds itself, it can be difficult for people to reach their weight loss goals if they are sleep-deprived.

5. Lower Stress

Sleep is also vital to reducing stress. Not only is stress unpleasant, it can cause negative health issues such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. Getting enough sleep can help people avoid these issues.

6. Lower Risk of Depression

While getting too much sleep is often linked to depression, not getting enough can be linked to depression as well. It is hard to wake up ready to tackle the day when depression stands in your way. A good night’s sleep can help many avoid or manage depression and its symptoms.

7. Less Illness and Disease

People who do not get enough sleep tend to be sick more often, whether it is with something as minor as a cold or as major as cancer. Lack of sleep has been associated with conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and inflammation.

8. Better Mood

It comes as no surprise that people are happier when they get enough sleep. Only a few hours of sleep can cause irritability and grouchiness, while those who are well-rested wake ready to greet the day.

9. Body Repairs

The human body receives small amounts of damage every day through ultraviolet light, stress and normal wear and tear on muscles/bones. The body repairs itself while you sleep, so it is essential for a healthy and healed body.

10. Live longer

According to, both too much and too little sleep could be considered unhealthy. Not only does a lack of sleep cause a person to have a decreased quality of life, it can actually be linked to a shorter life span as well.

Make sure to get an adequate amount of sleep each night and make it a priority. To find out additional benefits of sleep, refer to Chapter 7 – “Exercise and Staying Active” of the MS – Living Symptom Free Book.

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