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Beat the Heat!

By Daryl H. Bryant (556 words)
Posted in Living with MS on May 9, 2012

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Summer is just around the corner and as many of our friends and family are excited for the hot and sunny days, we with Multiple Sclerosis can have some trouble with the intense heat as it extenuates our fatigue level. All is not lost, however, as there are many different (and simple) ways to beat the summer heat to minimize the tiring effects of the heat.

Drink a lot of Fluids!

This should be done no matter what the temperature is outside, but drinking cold fluids helps keep your body temperature down in warm climates. It is important you drink cold water or other refreshing drinks but especially make sure they are non-carbonated beverages. Caffeine should try and be avoided in hot temperatures as it elevates the level of excretion of water from the body. The purpose is to keep yourself hydrated so caffeine would be counterproductive.

Use Cooling Devices

Fans can create a nice refreshing breeze that takes the edge off in the house.Air Conditioning Portable hand held fans are also good for doing anything outside. Air conditioning units should definitely be used if you have access to one. Humidity out east and extremely dry heat out west make for wildly hot days that cause a house to bake if the A/C isn’t running. This will keep a relaxing temperature inside the house that won’t feel overbearing. The great thing about A/C units is that they may be tax-deductable for MS patients if you get the appropriate documents from your physician. Portable spray bottles are useful for walks or gardening outside in order to keep your face, neck, or anywhere you can reach, staying cool.

Strategically Exercise

Sunset YogaThe best times of day to exercise outside would be early morning or during evening hours. If you prefer exercising via water aerobics cooler water, about 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit, is advantageous for your core body temperature. Light clothing will keep the body cool during any athletic activities also. A great item to have with you too is a damp towel that can be laid over virtually any part of your body to bring its temperature down. Cold baths/showers are a perfect way to lower your core body temperature before and after workouts. Lowering your temperature before your workout allows more time to elapse during exercising before the body temperature reaches uncomfortably high levels. Being in cold water after working out will increase the pace of your body temperature cooling down, getting rid of the fatigue symptoms that heat brings about.

Summer doesn’t have to be a season that forces us indoors; after all I love the outdoors and spending time with friends and family under blue skies. Following these tips can help your body stay cool and enjoyable throughout the hottest months of the year (for those in the northern hemisphere, of course). Don’t let MS keep you inside all season long, just be smart about how you enjoy being outdoors!

Throughout my book, MS Living Symptom Free, I talk about dealing with fatigue and many ways to combat it.

Comments (2)

Lisa Kline posted on: June 25, 2013

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am 33yrs old and have MS. I was diagnosed in 2010, but was then told I was actually misdiagnosed in 2004. I went a long time without any type of treatment. I have tried numerous shots to help but none were successful. I've been on Gilenya now for 4 months and my body accepted it well. I don't know if its helping but I'm keeping my faith about it. I'm emailing you because I'm really struggling to control MANY symptoms from this disease. I need to know how I can help myself. I've tried a lot of suggestions, I do everything my doc says, yet no relief. My seizures are getting very violent and I'm not recovery as well as I should. No one can tell me why or tell me how I can fix this. Maybe you can help!!

Thanks, Lisa Kline

Karen posted on: June 25, 2013

Hi Lisa~What are your seizures from & what type of ms do u have? I have had primary progressive ms since dx& 39;d in 1988 & was just about your age,too, but my ms dr. says that I have secondary progressive ms. I went a very LONG time w/o treatment,too. That& 39;s only because NOBODY would help me. No neuro, no dr. NOBODY! Then long story short I& 39;ve been seeing an ms specialist & got on Copaxone for over a year now & no new or active lesions were from my recent MRI& 39;s-PTL! Whatever your seizures are from why in the world can& 39;t a dr. control them? If I were u I& 39;d find one who could help u asap. You& 39;ve suffered long enough. Let me know how u are,ok. Best wishes~Karen.

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