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Swimming Pool Workouts Made Easy

By Daryl H. Bryant (521 words)
Posted in Pay it Forward on May 22, 2013

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Swimming Pool Workouts Made Easy

Swimming is a great workout for many reasons. Not only can it burn more calories than cycling or walking, it is a form of exercise that is easy on your body. If you aren't a strong swimmer or need something a little more relaxing, water aerobics is an excellent option as well. It can help you build strength, burn calories and feel energized. Many swimmers also do water exercises to help them build muscle and stamina to prepare for laps. Swimming on a regular basis can help you get in better shape and keep your body healthy. A combination of water aerobics and swimming laps can allow you to achieve optimal results.

The reason exercising in the water is easier on the body is because it reduces the impact of your movements. Achy or weak joints suffer less due to the low impact nature of exercising in water. If you are unable to exercise because of an injury, ask your doctor or trainer about starting out with water aerobics and swimming

Let's look at some simple water aerobic exercises to get your heart rate up and lungs pumping. Just like any exercise routine, make sure to stretch out and do warm ups before diving into the actual work out. You want to make sure your body is stretched out to avoid injuries and have an effective workout.

Water aerobics only burn slightly less calories per hour than swimming laps and they are easy to do. You don't need to know how to swim and you can perform your entire exercise routine in a small area of water. The simplest movements can be done without any tools or instruction.

Everyone knows how to do jumping jacks, but try them in the water and you are really giving your body an intense workout. Do them just like you would on land. If you are comfortable in the deep end, step up the pace by doing suspended jumping jacks. That is, don't touch your feet to the floor in between each jumping jack.

Mimic cross country skiing for a simpler exercise. Swing your arms and legs forward - right arm with left leg, left arm with right leg. This should be performed in a slow and smooth motion. Feel your spine turning as you change from one side to the other. This gives your lower body in particular a work out and also helps loosen up your spine.

If you are confident with exercising in the water, you can use simple tools to enhance your experience. Dumbbells made for use in the water are a great way to add extra weight to your routine. Again, lifting weights can be hard on the joints but water helps ease the impact. You can also expand your work outs using a noodle – a very simple pool toy which can be purchased at most department stores.

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