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The Medicinal Properties of Ginkgo Biloba

By Daryl H. Bryant (506 words)
Posted in Living with MS on August 14, 2013

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The Medicinal Properties of Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko Biloba has a wide range of uses and can be taken to fight off many different health issues. While it is generally known to protect your heart, it can be used to help aid almost any organ in your body. Listed below are a few ways multiple sclerosis patients have used Ginkgo Biloba for common symptoms of MS.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As many of you know, muscle spasms are a common symptom for MS patients. If you are dealing with spasms on a daily or regular basis, you need something that can keep the muscles and tissues surrounding those muscles as calm as possible. A dose of Ginkgo Biloba each day can allow you to live your life free from such symptoms.

Proper Blood Flow

Your circulation has an impact on many things that you do each day. Without proper blood flow throughout your body, you may experience difficulty staying warm or maintaining a steady body temperature. Poor circulation can also leave your extremities feeling numb or bloated. Blood clotting can also be a side effect of poor circulation.

Boosted Energy Levels

If you feel tired or sluggish, try taking a dose of Ginkgo Biloba to increase your energy. This is done primarily by increasing blood flow to your brain, which allows you to be more alert and effective in decision making. It can also increase alertness by protecting you against allergens in the air. If you happen to have allergies, you know that it can be a challenge to feel energetic or in an optimal state of mind. Once that fog is lifted, you should feel great for the remainder of the day.

Overcome Nausea

Ginkgo Biloba is great for anyone who is experiencing continued dizziness or vertigo. For those unfamiliar with vertigo, it is the feeling that you get when you look up quickly. While most people don't experience any symptoms from this, others can become ill. Taking Gingko Biloba can help you get through your day without experiencing any symptoms at all or at least a significant reduction. It is also recommended if you are experiencing or have experienced a ringing in your ears or other inner ear problems which have lead to your nausea.

Ginkgo Biloba is a great supplement to take for many common ailments. If you are feeling tired, dealing with poor circulation or dizziness, Gingko Biloba can be just what you need. Typically, it can be picked up without a prescription from a pharmacy or specialty store. However, you may want to consider consulting with your primary physician before use.

For additional information on Ginkgo Biloba and its health benefits, refer to Chapter 6 – “Vitamins and Supplements,” of the MS Living Symptom Free Book.

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